Tortola Update: Disney Cruise Line’s Return Hinges on Guest Safety Ashore

According to a report by the BVI News, Disney Cruise Line along with representatives from other cruise lines were on site in Tortola to evaluate the recovery efforts to determine the port’s ability to accept cruise ship passengers.

On May 14th, Disney Cruise Line’s Russell Daya informed reporters they are encouraged by the recovery efforts, but there are areas that remain unsafe. However, before Disney Cruise Line can return, specifically with the Disney Fantasy, Tortola must achieve more.

“The BVI is definitely moving in the right direction. It’s been about three-and-a-half months since I’ve been here. I see a lot of progress has been made on the roads — removal of the vegetation, the powerlines, and the cars that were damaged. There are still some boats to go but there is good progress on the boats and it’s very encouraging,” said Russell Daya, who is the Disney Cruise Line’s Executive Director of Marine and Port Operations, Port Developments and Itinerary Planning.

Safety and security of the cruise passengers are at the top of the list of concerns for DCL as they will continue to evaluate the ports recovery following last fall’s hurricane damage. Daya revealed that when it comes to safety, DCL evaluates port locations such as Cane Garden Bay, they look at it from the perspective of a 5- or 6-year old who may wander into an area still being refurbished. The potential for accidents due to damaged areas and construction zones are a concern for the cruise lines.

Official in Tortola have been asked to provide weekly status updates on recovery efforts to help determine not if, but when Disney Cruise Line will return the British Virgin Islands. The decision to return will be based on guest safety.

At this time, the next Disney Cruise scheduled to visit Tortola is the July 14, 2018 7-night Eastern Caribbean Cruise.

2 Replies to “Tortola Update: Disney Cruise Line’s Return Hinges on Guest Safety Ashore”

  1. jope d

    worst port ever! It was never ready for guests, I usually don’t even get off the ship in Tortola. The crew hates it as well.

    1. Rosaline Reichert

      We don’t get off the ship in Tortola either. Really not a fan of this port. I wish the people of Tortola all the luck in recovery, but I’m really hoping when we sail in September that we’ll be going to St. Maarten.


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