Beauty and the Beast Scheduled for Two Evenings During the Disney Dream Summer Sailings

Disney Cruise Line has been testing the waters over the last year by offering multiple performances of select Walt Disney Theatre shows on consecutive evenings. Recently, we learned there would be two performances of Beauty and the Best beginning with the April 20th 3-night cruise aboard the Disney Dream. This schedule means The Golden Mickey’s would not be performed on most voyages.

Disney Dream B2B Beauty And The Beast Performances

Thanks to an email we received from Brad F, we now have clarity on Disney Cruise Line’s plans this summer aboard the Disney Dream with respect to the evening stage shows. Brad initially inquired about the status of The Golden Mickey’s for the Disney Dream’s 5-night Double Dip cruises this summer.

Shoreside Concierge provided hope for fans of The Golden Mickey’s by reaffirming there are 3 shows that normally show on the Disney Dream;  Beauty and the Beast, Disney’s Believe, The Golden Mickey’s.

Shoreside Concierge followed this up by disclosing, “Beauty and the Beast will show two evenings on all sailings this summer and on the shorter sailings of 3 nights, it would replace one of the other shows, possibly The Golden Mickey’s.”

There continues to be significant negative feedback when we mention DCL dropping one show for a double dose of another. However, the overall consensus from the onboard guest’s surveys must be positive for DCL to make this change for the summer.

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  1. Beth Scimemi

    Will this be the case for the upcoming Spring cruises? I would definitely like to have this on our sailing!

  2. Lauren

    We just got off the Dream today, and our show schedule was Believe, Beauty and the Beast, Black Panther, and Beauty and the Beast. I think it stinks that we only got 2 live production shows and a 2 month old movie for the nightly shows. I understand everyone wants to see BatB (and it was great), but to offer a fairly old movie as the third show seems really cheap to me. We had Charles Pechock as an entertainer, but his shows were inthe D Lounge. I think that instead of Black Panther, he should have performed inthe Walt Disney Theater or The Golden Mickeys should have been put on. I definety plan on emailing DCL about this this change because i think it is a bad change.

    1. Jessica

      A two month old movie that is rated PG 13 at that! I’m not a prude, but Black Panther would not be for suitable for everyone in my party (ages 5-77). I’m doing the 4 night in June. I hope for better choices.

  3. Steve B aka KCup's Daddy (@WorldKeySteve)

    I see this as a positive on longer sailings and a hit to the “Disney Experience” on shorter sailings.

    On one hand… the pressure of missing any of the original shows is helped by offering a repeat of it. Using the time you normally devote to the show and instead be able to enjoy many of the other amenities/activities offered (or if the kids need a relaxing night) is a win.

    BUT- repeating on a 3 night sailing is a tough one to feel good about. One of the things that has been part of the Disney Difference is the on board entertainment. The quality AND the variety of shows (no matter how aged the material) is something that people have been willing to pay a premium for and expect from DCL in contrast to other cruise lines.

    We all have to remember that beloved and aging shows do need a final curtain call. Disney re-imagines all the time, and that is what keeps us coming back. I certainly like the idea of a repeat of newer shows, but not on the 3 night sailings.

    1. Jd

      They should show it during the day when the ship is in the Bahamas instead of the 2nd night! Many don’t get off in the Bahamas anyway!

    1. Rosaline Reichert

      Lija: Beauty and the Beast will remain on the Dream for most likely several years until it is retired. They don’t swap shows from ship to ship.


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