ABC’s The Chew-Approved Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures

Disney Cruise Line is teaming up with the hosts of ABC’s The Chew to bring guests one-of-a-kind, culinary-themed Port Adventures that celebrate the stories, cultures and flavors of the various ports of call visited by Disney Cruise Line. DCL is calling these The Chew-Approved Port Adventures.

The port adventures are a mixed bag of culinary classes, epicurean adventures, and some simply focused on wine & dessert. Culinary classes will help guests master the secrets to creating exotic specialties from around the world with hands-on seminars and programs led by top chefs ashore. Epicurean adventures will take guests on ashore for a savoring a delicious meal. Wine & dessert centric port adventures will teach everything from wine appreciation to dessert creation.

The Chew Approved Port Adventures

According to Disney, The Chew hosts, Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall and Michael Symon have given their stamp of approval to the following culinary port adventures offered in ten destinations across the globe. Some of these Chew-Approved Port Adventures have been around for a few years except for a couple which were introduced in 2017.



  • Epicurean Adventure: Cook Your Catch (KE57)
    A reel adventure awaits you in Alaska! Feast on the unforgettable flavor of fresh Alaskan seafood—that you’ve caught in the wild—during a rousing fishing expedition amid the scenic Tongass National Forest.



  • Wine & Dessert: Graycliff Hotel Wine Luncheon (N31)
    Revel in the unsurpassed luxury of the 18th-century Graycliff Hotel in Nassau during a tour of its award-winning wine cellar; then satiate your appetite with a decadent 4-course lunch, complete with wines chosen to complement your meal.



  • Culinary Class: Culinary Bootcamp – A Hands-On Experience (CW09)
    At-ten-tion! Whip up a savory fusion of food and fun in Charlottetown when you train as a new recruit in the ways of a professional chef during a comprehensive lesson in Prince Edward Island cuisine.



  • Culinary ClassMexican Cuisine Workshop and Tasting (CZ33)
    Uncover the secrets of genuine south of the border cooking by preparing—and enjoying—a full-course feast alongside an expert chef in sunny Cozumel.
  • Wine & Dessert: Chocolate Seaside Workshop, Tasting and Wine Pairing (CZ88)
    At Stingray Beach in Cozumel, satisfy your sweet tooth and your love of fine wine as you create your very own cocoa bar using centuries-old techniques. Then, sample a selection of mouthwatering Mexican chocolates and wines.



  • Culinary Class: The Klipfish Academy (AL12)
    A rich legacy of epicurean excellence awaits you at the Klipfish Academy in Norway, where you’ll discover how to prepare one of the country’s most celebrated delicacies, the Klipfish—a favorite for centuries.


  • Epicurean Adventure: Scone Baking and Sheepherding at Ballyknocken (DB40)
    Treat your taste buds to scones… and sheep! Learn how to bake mouthwatering fluffy scones alongside a celebrity chef in Ireland before taking in a fascinating and fun sheepherding demonstration with 2 diligent and sprightly dogs.

Invergordon (Loch Ness)

  • Wine & Dessert: Monster Cake Decorating by Loch Ness (IN27)
    Dive into the legend of Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster at the place where it all began, before decorating a cake with your unique take on the elusive creature. You’ll also personalize 4 cupcakes you can bring home with you.

La Spezia

  • Culinary ClassCooking Lesson in Tuscany (LS34)
    Get in touch with your inner gourmet during this culinary adventure that invites you to prepare—and indulge in—an authentic Italian lunch amid a rustic farmhouse setting overlooking Italy’s Lucca Valley. Afterward, embark on a wine-tasting tour and take in a scenic stroll through an herb garden.


  • Epicurean Adventure: Classic FIAT 500 Rally and Cooking Experience (NP76)
    Step back in time on a guided walking tour of Pompeii, take the wheel of your very own FIAT 500 for a scenic drive along the Sorrento Coast, and compete against teams in a cooking challenge at a local farm.

St Petersburg

  • Wine & Dessert: Pelmeni Cooking Class (SP39)
    Relish an aromatic medley of flavors during this Russian cooking class that teaches you how to make one of the country’s most popular dishes: traditional meat dumplings known as Pelmeni. Sample a selection of vodkas and appetizers, before sinking your teeth into your handmade dish.

This is just the beginning, Disney Cruise Line also revealed they are currently working with a team from The Chew to develop all new Signature Collection Port Adventures featuring recipes from the show prepared by local chefs in our ports of call around the world.

To learn more you can visit The Chew Approved Culinary Port Adventures page on Disney Cruise Line’s website.

4 Replies to “ABC’s The Chew-Approved Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures”

  1. Laura Weber

    What a cool idea. I loved the You Can Cook activities on board. Maybe they could feature some recipes from The Chew?

  2. ImprovGal

    Hmmm… I can’t find Charlottetown PEI on the port itineraries for 2018. Perhaps it’s an indication that it will be revisited in Fall 2019? I can’t imagine they’d come up with a new (or rebranded) port adventure for a port they don’t intend to revisit.

  3. Laura

    The only problem I see with paying for these expensive food excursions is that they are just demonstrations and you can eat the food. If I was participating in the preparation and cooking, then maybe I could see the benefit of the cost. But if I’m just watching the demonstration and eating the food, that’s a negative for me. I can do that on the ship already! I loved the Salsa and Salsa excursion in Mexico where we were taught how to make different salsas had everything in front of us to do it along with the chef. Now THAT was fun!


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