The Nomination Period Begins for the 2018 Cruise International Awards

The 2018 Cruise International Awards nomination period is underway. Once again, there is a category for Best Cruise Blogger which I was nominated for last year thanks to you, my fantastic readers! This is the 8th year Cruise International, the UK’s best-selling consumer cruise magazine, will celebrate the best in the cruise industry.

During the nomination period you can nominate your favorite ocean and river cruise lines, onboard experiences, cruise agents, destinations and holiday add-ons.

Click here to go to the 2018 Cruise International Awards Nomination form.

The nomination period ended on May 7, 2018. Who knows in late May, if nominated, I may just start begging for your vote.

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  1. Kevin Burns

    Scott: Thanks for letting us know about this opportunity. For me, this is a chance to “put my money where my mouth is”. I have filled out a nomination form, including – after very thoughful consideration – my pick for Best Blogger. I hope my fellow DCL’ers will also submit their nominations.


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