Rapunzel’s Royal Table – A First Look from Disney

The Disney Magic returned to Miami this morning ending her first cruise after dry dock. Disney quickly shared some of the excitement from Rapunzel’s Royal Table, an all new dining experience inspired by the beloved story of Disney’s Tangled.

DCL RRT Entertainment 1

This first ever table service restaurant themed to Tangled features characters and live entertainment which transports guests to the kingdom of Corona for an evening of music and interactive fun featuring Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and the mischievous Snuggly Duckling Thugs.

DCL RRT Entertainment 2

Guests step inside a regal ballroom in the royal castle, lit by glowing wish lanterns and adorned with colorful drawings that reflect Rapunzel’s artistic talents. Here, the King and Queen of Corona invite everyone to take part in a festive celebration of Rapunzel’s birthday and the anniversary of her return to the kingdom.

DCL RRT Entertainment 3

Throughout dinner, guests of all ages are treated to live entertainment, including spirited singing and dancing led by the maître d’, a merry band of musicians, the mischievous Snuggly Duckling Thugs and of course, Princess Rapunzel herself.

DCL RRT Entertainment 4

DCL shared the following images of some of the food available from Rapunzel’s Royal Table.

DCL RRT Food Ahi Tuna Tartar

Ahi Tuna Tartar

DCL RRT Food Snuggly Duckling Platter

Snuggly Duckling Platter

DCL RRT Food Romaine Wedge And Hot Smoked Salmon Salad

Romaine Wedge and Hot Smoked Salmon Salad

DCL RRT Food Tangled Pasta

Tangled Pasta

DCL RRT Food Pan Seared Sea Bass Filet

Pan Seared Sea Bass Filet

DCL RRT Food Oktoberfest Lemon And Thyme Roasted Chicken

Oktoberfest Lemon And Thyme Roasted Chicken

DCL RRT Food Flynn Rider Platter

Flynn Rider Platter

DCL RRT Food Birthday Cupcake Sundae

Birthday Cupcake Sundae

DCL RRT Food Gothel Black Forest Tower

Gothel Black Forest Tower

The family fun is complete with themed menus, special activities and a lively parade to cap off the evening in Corona. The charm and enchantment of Tangled in Rapunzel’s Royal Table is the perfect pairing to Tangled: The Musical – the spellbinding original production that delights guests during each Disney Magic sailing.

You can see the full menu for Rapunzel’s Royal Table over on our menu page.

3 Replies to “Rapunzel’s Royal Table – A First Look from Disney”

  1. Elizabeth Watts

    Will y’all be on the Magic soon? I my husband and I listen to the podcasts and would love to hear a first hand account.


    1. Jon

      My family was on this cruise and the ambiance and dinner show were great, but it was clear the bugs weren’t worked out yet and the wait staff, especially our assistant server were struggling with the new setup and the dinner show.

      I’d expect the bugs to be worked out in time, but we did have a conversation with our head waiter about what was going on and she appreciated the feedback. After the feedback, we did notice our wait staff had massively improved, over the remainder of our time on the ship.


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