Disney Cruise Line Replacing Do Not Disturb Signs with Room Occupied Door Hangers Across the Fleet

Similar to changes at Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line is replacing Do Not Disturb signs with new Room Occupied Quiet Requested door hangers. It is unknown why this is being done on the ships, but it was a result of security concerns here in Orlando that prompted the change following the mass casualty event last year in Las Vegas.

The change is being rolled out today beginning with the Disney Dream.

DCL Room Occupied Dream 20180309
Photo courtesy of Dorothy Cassetta

Disney Cruise Line reserves the right to enter your stateroom, even when this sign is displayed, for maintenance, safety, security or any other purpose. The ship’s Crew will knock and announce their presence before entering.

To my knowledge, there have not been any onboard incidents that have triggered this change on the ships. It would appear this is just Disney Cruise Line following in the footsteps of Walt Disney World. It should be noted, that stateroom hosts typically enter the room at least twice a day for morning clean up and evening turn down service.

The following card is left in your fish extender when the Room Occupied sign is on the door and housekeeping service has been postponed.

Room Occupied Housekeeping Postponed Card

9 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Replacing Do Not Disturb Signs with Room Occupied Door Hangers Across the Fleet”

  1. Sharon

    When we were in Disneyland in January, we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. We were checked into our room for about 30 minutes and there was a light tap at the door (so light we almost didn’t hear it). In the 5 seconds it took to get to the door, housekeeping came barging into our room. They didn’t announce they were housekeeping or anyone from the hotel We learned very quickly that if we were in the room to put the security bar across the door so at least it would slow them down from intruding on our privacy. I’m all for security, but what were we going to do 30 minutes after we checked in. Hopefully the cruise line does it better (considering the stewards are already in your cabin at least 2x a day). Thanks for letting me vent.

    1. Asia

      I had the same experience at Grand Californian last December. We were having breakfast in our room before going to the parks and I thought I heard a knock, but it was so light I put it off as general hallway noise and that fast the housekeeper walked right in. I always use the bar when we go to sleep, but now have to get in the habit of using it at all times.

  2. Frances

    This stinks. I’ve read accounts of disruptions at WDW resorts since this policy has been implemented (people being barged in on while changing & while kids are napping), but thought at least DCL wouldn’t do this. And now…

    All of your bags & yourself have to go through security prior to boarding, so why is barging into rooms necessary? Especially when room stewards come in twice per day already?

    Fingers crossed that this policy won’t be implemented on DCL the same way it has been at the resorts recently. If it has, we’ll have to phase out our Disney cruising as it’s just too much to pay to not feel secure from anytime instrusion in your own stateroom.

  3. Gwen V

    I understand the meaning for more security but you have to walk through metal detectors to get into the cruise terminals. Why not just add xray machines for our luggage. (If they haven’t done this already) They already go thru it for extension cords, alcohol or any other prohibited items.

  4. Tracy

    We slept in on our last day at Old Key West and at 8:30 we had housekeeping barge into our room while we were still asleep in our bed. I don’t like the change. If I don’t want someone having the right to barge into my room while I’m in the shower, etc. When our kids were younger (12+) we would let them stay in the stateroom and watch a movie while we went to the adult shows. They never had to worry about someone just walking in because we used the DND hanger. Don’t see why this change is necessary when all passengers and luggage are screened prior to the cruise leaving port.

  5. Hannah

    Same at the BWV…my husband was getting dressed and lucky me had just gotten out of the shower…in no shape for visitors and the housekeeper knocked AS she was walking in…no knock first. I yelled…she left. Thinking it wouldn’t happen again, I started getting dressed and in about 15 minutes it happened again. No warning just walked in knocking. Never again will I not put the guard on.

  6. alice wysocki

    geez- what if you’re doing something…you know…that adults sometimes do on vacation….. I would be beyond mortified 🙁


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