Disney Cruise Line Announces Summer 2019 Itineraries (May – September)

Disney Cruise Line announced their summer 2019 sailings today. As expected, the Disney Wonder will return to Alaska in the summer. The Disney Magic will spend the summer sailing throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy will remain at Port Canaveral. The Disney Dream will continue sailing alternating 3- and 4-night Bahamian cruises on Fridays and Mondays. The Disney Fantasy will stick with the alternating 7-night Western and Eastern Caribbean cruises.

Today’s release extended the available sail dates into late-2019. These new sail dates will allow guest to plan vacations more than one year out, as well as take advantage of opening day pricing for some of the new itineraries.

Although the dates were announced today, general booking will not open until Thursday March 8th. On Monday March 5th, Platinum Castaway Club members will be able to call in followed on Tuesday by Gold Castaway Club members, then on Wednesday Silver members can start booking. On Thursday, March 8th, first time cruisers will be able to book.

Additionally, residents of Disney’s Golden Oaks will be able to book along with Platinum and DVC members who have not previously sailed with DCL can book along with Silver Castaway Club Members.

The following bears repeating, please do NOT try calling today to book; this will just clog up the phone lines and bog down the reservation cast members. There may be people attempting to book an available cruise vacation today.

The sailings should show up on DCL’s website early on Thursday morning before the phone lines open at 8AM EST.

Disney Magic Summer 2019 Sailings

The Disney Magic will split the summer season between Europe and the Mediterranean. On Sunday, May 12, 2019, the Disney Magic will depart Miami for Europe on a 13-night Eastbound Transatlantic crossing to Barcelona.


46 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Announces Summer 2019 Itineraries (May – September)”

    1. Dee woodruff

      I can’t believe you support this ship when there are so many people’s children missing and Disney does nothing to help the family find them .I well protest intill they change the way Disney handles missing people on board there ships

  1. Tyler

    The 11-night Norwegian Fjord and Iceland cruise looks incredible. My family and I will be on that one. We’ve been waiting for one that happens during the Summer when the kids are out. Finally!!!!

  2. Ted A

    Was hoping for a circumvention of the UK which they did in 2017. Was hoping for a two week grand tour of Med of up to 14 days… incluidng Venice, Corcia and Greece… Flying all the way to Europe for a 7 day cruise just doesn’t make sense. DCL should better package the 7 day tours so you can book them back to back one or two times. Think about the client! What happened a tour to the top of Norway!

      1. Nicole

        I agree. I’m doing a 7 night DCL cruise in Europe this summer but adding several days pre and post cruise in other areas of Europe for a total of 15 nights. I would never fly all the way from the West Coast USA to Europe for just a week.

  3. Lee Ann

    Love your site and thanks for all the great information! Do you have any idea when prices will be posted? Before early booking? Or do you find out when your castaway club window opens and you call? Thanks!

  4. Aileen Keatibg

    Would like to see the East coast cruise again from New York to Canada Had my heart set on it.

  5. Jenniffer Sheldon

    Thanks for posting all of this. Just wish the British Isles was during the summer and not during school. That’s a great new itinerary I’d love to do. Wonder if the double-dips will be more reasonable since they’re doing multiple. Any thoughts on the Golden Oaks opportunity to book same day as Platinum?

    1. Jenniffer Sheldon

      Plus – if you’re a Golden Oak Club member, the early price break on opening day most likely is not of concern. I just hope these folks don’t have priority access when new ships open. As my eight year-old would say, “it’s not fair.”

      1. Jenniffer Sheldon

        Although now that I think about it, it’s probably giving them the opportunity at the Walt or Roy suites on an itinerary they’d prefer. That’s my only guess. Still I think if they’re going to do that, give it to them at the Gold opening.

  6. MissusP

    “The May 15, 2019 reposting cruise is not listed. This could be for a few reasons, it may just not be listed yet or this is held for a charter such as a 2019 Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Members Cruise.”

    … Is this normal? I’m planning for this cruise in 2020 with a Baja cruise before and an Alaskan after. They wouldn’t repeat removing it again would they?

  7. John

    The new ships can’t come soon enough!!! Disney is missing the boat on Galveston in the summer….They would sell out every sailing!

    1. Captain Obvious

      Actually, I don’t think they would. I think a factor in DCL not sailing more out of Galveston is there is no Disney presence in Texas. Port Canaveral is a natural for Disney as they can draw people to WDW in connection with their cruise. Disney does not have that opportunity in Texas. Don’t get me wrong, I love Galveston and have sailed on the Wonder twice from there, but I think there is limited growth for DCL at that port

      1. John

        I did not mean the new ships going to Galveston. Regarding your comment about for Disney’s lack of presence in Texas I would have to disagree. The Texas market makes up a good chunk of WDW’s revenue. Hints the reason why you are seeing Walt Disney World Resort Commercials in Texas and not the typical west of the Misssippi Disneyland Advertising. Regarding DCL…the Wonder sells at capacity during the fall months out of Galveston, so I know it would sellout in the summer. I know all about the marketing mishaps that happened in 2012, but that was years ago. Do not be surprised if you see the Disney Dream or Fantasy eventually home porting out of Galveston in the future.

  8. Elizabeth Avill

    7 night med from Barcelona in Cat 4b £5325 for 2 adults; more than double what I paid for the same cruise/stateroom last year. 10 night med from Barcelona in Cat 4b fir 2 adults £12,000!

  9. Jason

    I was just quoted $18,000 for a family of five in a Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah on August 5, 2019. That is #$*@ing insane. I’m willing to pay a premium for a Disney Cruise Line experience given that we are going on our 7th Disney Cruise next month, but that price shocks and offends the conscience.

  10. petitmarin

    Small question : why is the Wonder always going to Alaska & Magic in Europe ? I wish i could try the Wonder on an european cruise.
    Did Alska cruises require some modification to the Wonder ship ?

  11. Anna Rutledge

    Hi Scott, I thought that the WBTA cruise scheduled for September this year and thought that the 2019 WBTA cruise might be available to book now? Did it get released and sell out, or will it be released with the next batch? Thanks!! Anna

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Anna, DCL released itineraries for the Magic into mid-September 2019. Presumably, the next release will pick up with a WBTA from Dover on September 15, 2019. Which is about a week later than the 2018 11-nigth WBTA.

      If they included the 2019 WBTA in the release, that would give away the fall 2019 deployment for the Disney Magic. They like to keep things like that under wraps to make waves when they announce the itineraries.

  12. Lyn

    How do we find out which trio is the cheapest? Family of 6 and really want to go but need the cheapest destination. First timer here!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Joy, I pulled the following information directly from Disney Cruise Line’s website. This is the information as of 5/20/2019.

      Trained service animals are welcome in most locations on board Disney Cruise ships. All service animals must remain on a leash and under your control, or that of someone in your travel party, at all times. Further, you will be responsible for the care and feeding of your animal.

      Service animals are not permitted in the pools or wet play areas on board our ships and may not be left unattended inside a stateroom. Disney Cruise Line Crew Members are not permitted to take control of a service animal.

      Due to the nature of some Port Adventures excursions, service animals may not be permitted.

      Important note: You are responsible for obtaining the import permits from all countries that require those special documents and must have those original documents available at all times. Specific information may be obtained by contacting the United States Department of Agriculture, or the applicable United States consulate, or embassy of each country to determine such country’s policies and obtain the permits needed for each port of call on the sailing itinerary. Please be aware that obtaining those permits can take weeks or months, and some countries may not allow animals to enter at all.

      Copies of completed permits for each port of call must be sent to Disney Cruise Line Special Services prior to the sail date.

      We strongly encourage Guests traveling with a service animal to contact Disney Cruise Line Special Services as soon as possible to discuss required documentation, the set-up of a relief area and the availability of Port Adventures.

      Disney Cruise Line Special Services
      Phone: (407) 566-3602
      Fax: (407) 566-3760
      TTY: (407) 566-7455


      Disney Cruise Line Special Services
      P.O. Box 10210
      Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0210


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