2018 DCL Cruise Director Schedules as of February 2018

Curious who will be your cruise director on your upcoming Disney Cruise? As a follow-up to our post on the Captain schedules, we now have the cruise director schedules for each ship into mid-June.

Disney Magic

  • Now – 2/17/18 – Darren McBurney
  • 2/18/18 – 4/14/18 – Leslie Dallas
  • 4/15/18 – 6/15/18 – Darren McBurney

Disney Wonder

  • Now – 3/10/18 – Natalie Bailey
  • 3/11/18 – 4/7/18 – Ashley Long
  • 4/8/18 – 6/15/18 – Natalie Bailey

Disney Dream

  • Now – 4/5/18 – Mike Gibbons
  • 4/6/18 – 6/14/18 – Clayton Lyndsey

Disney Fantasy

  • Now – 4/6/18 – Trent Hitchcock
  • 4/7/18 – 6/15/18 – Peter Hofer

Once again, I’d like to thank Eddie, who shared this information with us after contacting DCL. Please note, as with anything schedule related, these are subject to change and are only accurate as of posting. For more information, please check out our Cruise Director page for bios.

16 Replies to “2018 DCL Cruise Director Schedules as of February 2018”

  1. Liz Bardowell

    We’ll be on the Dream’s March 9th sailing and so happy to see that Mike Gibbons will be our Cruise Director. He was on our 7-night Western Caribbean sailing last July and he was amazing – hope his sidekick Lee is joining him in March.

  2. Michelle

    This is great info – thanks! I’m laughing because our upcoming April cruise will be our 4th, all on different ships and we’ll have Peter as CD for the 3rd time. I’m starting to think he’s “our” CD.

  3. Barron

    Was surprised and thrilled to see Trent as our CD (4 cruises, all with Trent) two weeks ago on the Fantasy. He said he’d be aboard Fantasy for about a year and then would be on either Wonder or Magic.

  4. Brandon Chang

    How come the Cruise Director schedule only goes as far as June 2018?

    I saw the Captain schedule goes as far as Fall 2018.

    My next Disney Cruise isn’t until August 13, 2018. It’s on the Disney Dream for 4 nights to the Bahamas.

    If the Cruise Director is someone I know from a previous cruise. I’ll get them a welcome back present. I only know 3 on that list Clayton, Darren, and Trent. The other 3 Cruise Directors I know are Jimmy, Carly, and Matt. They aren’t even up there, and they should still be working for Disney Cruise Line. Only Rachel, Brent, Christiaan and Ray are no longer Cruise Directing at Disney Cruise Line.

    Rachel is in charge of Human Resources at Animal Kingdom. She’s been gone since 2011.

    Brent is the General Manager of Operations at Disney California Adventure.

    Christiaan is the head of entertainment at Disney Cruise Line. He’s at the office now.

    Ray is at Disney Vacation Club.

    Never had Rachel and Ray. Never heard great things about those 2 anyways.

    Only had Brent 3 times, and Christiaan once. Christiaan would have no memory of me. Where as to Brent definitely remembers me, especially when I see him at Disney California Adventure. I’ve seen Brent 3 times already out here. I have an annual passport to the Disneyland Resort. I live in Southern California.

    1. Joan

      Is Lee still working in the entertainment portion of Disney Cruise Line. Last saw him on the Fantasy in 2015

  5. Christopher Mulcahy

    Who will be the assistant cruise directors on that will be with the cruise directors you have listed for February to June

  6. Michelle Timmerman

    Carly is the current Cruise Director on the Dream. We sail on 6/1 and had hoped for Clayton, but info from recent cruisers and verification from a cast member today said it’s Carly.


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