Mendenhall Glacier and Nikki the Bear – Juneau, Alaska

During our 2017 Alaskan Cruise on the Disney Wonder, we visited Mendenhall Glacier during our day in Juneau, Alaska. Leading up to our arrival in Juneau, we spend some time onboard attending nature talks with Doug Jones. In one of his presentations, while discussing Mendenhall Glacier, he told us about a bear named Nikki and to keep an eye out when visiting the glacier. With that in mind, we set out on our morning tour of Mendenhall Glacier with a specific focus on walking the Steep Creek Trail.

In our trip log for the day, I promised to upload video of Nikki the bear once we returned home… Well, lets just say we just got home. As promised in late July, here is video from Mendenhall Glacier featuring Nikki the Bear devouring fresh salmon.

This was an incredible experience and cannot thank Doug Jones enough for the suggestion on where to go to increase our likelihood of seeing bears. For more on our day in Juneau, please visit our Day 6 Trip Log.

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