Disney Magic’s December 1st Itinerary Updated – Day at Sea to Replace Stop in Recovering Tortola

Disney Cruise Line officially made the call to spend an extra day at sea on December 3rd instead of visiting Tortola during the Disney Magic’s December 1st, 5-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from San Juan to Miami. We first learned that this was a tentative option last month. In mid-October, Disney Cruise Line alerted guests booked on the sailing that this change may occur as it was too early to determine if Tortola’s recovery efforts would be complete at that time. Today, however, we received a tweet from Mark Bell who was informed of this change from DCL’s shoreside concierge.

The revised itinerary, as it appears on DCL’s website is as follows:

DCL Magic 20171201 Itinerary Update No Tortola

  1. Friday December 1, 2017 – San Juan (Pan American Pier)
  2. Saturday December 2, 2017 – Basseterre (St. Kitts)
  3. Sunday December 3, 2017 –  At Sea
  4. Monday December 4, 2017 – At Sea
  5. Tuesday December 5, 2017 – Castaway Cay
  6. Wednesday December 6, 2017 – Miami

8 Replies to “Disney Magic’s December 1st Itinerary Updated – Day at Sea to Replace Stop in Recovering Tortola”

  1. James

    Bit of a Joke.The Magic traveling from New York gets the Tortola visit replaced with a stop at St. John, Antigua. The Fantasy scheduled for Tortola, was redirected to western Caribbean. We simply get a day at Sea. Thanks!

    1. Rosaline Reichert

      I was on the first sailing after Irma to go the Western instead of Eastern (9/23 sailing) – I would have loved to have skipped one of the ports and had our sea day instead. The Eastern has 3 sea days and the Western only has 2, which is one of the many reason we never sail the Western. Just goes to show they can’t please everyone.

    2. alexis

      I agree James… I’m upset about this. I paid to go to these specific islands and now they removed one. I think they should credit us some of our money back.

      1. Bea

        I think they should pay for transportation from SJU to the port given the state of San Juan instead of charging $20 a person. It seemed questionable if we were even going to go post Irma.

  2. ADLD

    It’s really a no win situation with these hurricanes. I would say just enjoy the fact you’re on a Disney cruise and they are doing the best they can with the situations. The people on these islands have lost their livelihood and definitely want to be back up and running but they may not be able to. I’m sure they would love to be a stop but their safety and getting settled is a priority.


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