Port Canaveral Approves Disney Cruise Line Terminal Restroom Renovation Project

Port Canaveral Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to move forward with a restroom renovation project at Cruise Terminal 8 (Disney Cruise Line’s terminal) during the port’s August 23, 2017 meeting. Earlier this year, Disney Cruise Line personnel shared concerns about the dated restroom facilities which are nearing 20 years old are not meeting the standards of their cruise passengers.

In June, drawings were completed to re-Disneyfy the terminal’s restroom facilities which was then put out for a bidding process. Four bids were submitted from Florida contractors. The Watauga Company from Titusville was selected for the renovation project with a bid of $453,265.

The renovations should not impact cruise passengers sailing from Port Canaveral as the contractors will only work on non-cruise ship days. Additionally, they will be required to clean up each night leaving the work area white glove clean for the following day’s cruise passengers. Additionally, only one restroom will be renovated at a time to limit the impact on Disney’s cruise passengers.

A timeline for the cruise terminal 8 restroom renovation project was not revealed.

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  1. Keith

    I wonder how much of that cost is added by them only working nights and having it white glove ready each morning — those are non-trivial requirements to meet if they are doing any real work.


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