DCL Offering A Second Online Reservation When You Book Palo or Remy on the First Night

Disney Cruise Line is officially making it even easier for guests to book multiple adult dinner reservations at Palo and Remy before their voyage. Now, when you book an adult dinning reservation online the first night, you can also reserve a second night of fine dining at the same restaurant.

Guests have always been able to book multiple evenings in adult dining, but DCL would only allow one online reservation prior to embarkation. Guest wishing to book additional dinners would need to do so once you were on the ship.

Traditionally, the first evening is slow in adult dining and this may be DCL’s way to offset the first night lull. Guest have been able to take advantage of this offer for a few weeks now, but DCL is just now ramping up the emails to guests with upcoming sail dates.

Do you see yourself taking advantage of this option or will you be sticking with your rotational restaurant on the first night?

9 Replies to “DCL Offering A Second Online Reservation When You Book Palo or Remy on the First Night”

  1. Pete

    I honestly enjoy meeting my servers on the first night, we have in the past tried to avoid the “Pirate Night” menu and generally book that night for Palo.

  2. JG

    We were recently able to on-line book Palo dinner and brunch back in Dec 16 for a March 17 cruise. However did not try 2 dinners.

  3. walt

    First night is very tiresome. Most families are trying to get organized or situated. Imagine the work you put into dressing up on the first night, and all this come after the fire drill, sail away party and etc. They might want to move the time of arrival back until ……… since you can sleep in late. We don’t mind the 2 times, if it comes after the first night.

    1. dragynally

      I already feel rushed Day 1. I can’t imagine fitting special dining and an outfit to match in that time. My husband and I did the special Remy preview back in 2015 and that made us feel rushed enough without being a full dinner.

  4. Lisa B Reed

    LOVE dining at Palo’s the first night . I request a dining rotation with the dining I wish to skip first. Then dine at Palo.

  5. Adam

    Families especially want to stick together the first night… find their dining table, meet their servers.
    While the attention from the emails may boost first night reservations a bit, I can also see a lot of those reservations getting cancelled once on board.

    Personally, I think DCL may be better off re-thinking the use of the restaurant space the first night. It would be a good time to do the Remy dessert experience, for example.


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