Re-Imageined Disney Wonder Returns to Port Canaveral

The re-imagined Disney Wonder completed her second westbound transatlantic voyage when she arrived at Port Canaveral around 8:30 AM sounding her horn to the spectators at Jetty Park and at home via the webcam.

Disney Wonder Ptxtv Return To Pc 2016 Dry Dock

The Disney Wonder left Lisbon on October 24th and has been sailing for a week sailing just south of Bermuda.

Over the weekend crew members had the opportunity to experience Tiana’s Place and some additional images of the new restaurant surfaced including more of the logo sign and the cover of the menu which was no surprise if you are familiar with the film, The Princess and the Frog.

On Monday, guests aboard the Disney Magic were treated to a horn battle at sea when the sister ships met up around the noon announcements.

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Ahoy Disney Magic !

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The Disney Wonder will spend the next few days in Port Canaveral before sailing a couple shakedown cruises or dress rehearsals if you will.

Disney Wonder Ptxtv Ct8 Pc 2016 Dry Dock

Then, next week the Disney Wonder will reposition to Galveston, Texas ending her 62-day re-imagination and resume guest sailing cruises on November 10th with a 4-Night Western Caribbean cruise.

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    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Lisa, the classic ships, in my opinion, are so much better. I know a lot of people prefer the newer ships, but the smaller ships create a more intimate atmosphere and feel less like a floating resort.

      1. Kate

        I can’t agree more! We have no desire to sail on the Dream and Fantasy, nor the two new ships. We only hope if / when more are built, they at least do one “classic” sized vessel/ 171 days until our next one on the Wonder!

        1. Ed


          It’s not just the size of the Fantasy or Dream that makes my wife and I reluctant to sail on them (all our cruises have been on the Wonder). But rather, the Fantasy or Dream with twice the passengers of the classics, probably do not have twice the public deck space for their 4000 guests. We’d also rather be on Castaway Cay with 2000 guests from either the Magic or the Wonder versus 4000 guests from their larger sisters.
          Unfortunately I doubt that Disney will ever built ships the size of the “classics” again.

          1. Barton Gates

            Apparently DCL feels the size of the newer ships is the right “fit” for their fleet, which is why they’re not going bigger on the two new ships but keeping them about the same size of the Fantasy/Dream, and accommodate approximately the same number of passengers. I’m sure it comes down to cost effectiveness of the number of days at sea vs the number of passengers they can take to give them the right amount of profit for each trip. I’m in agreement with it seems many here, I really have no desire to sail on the Dream class ships, and would prefer to keep my cruising on the original classic ones.115 days til my trip on the Magic and 165 days until we reboard the Wonder for the WBPC cruise!

          2. Chapie

            there is plenty of room on the Fantasy and Dream. We have done 2 cruises on each and have never felt crowded or have never missed out on doing anything because of the capacity of the ship.

          3. steven

            Just keep in mind it also depends on the season your going on your cruise. When it’s summer time you’ll have 4000 people on board but when we go (28days from now) it won’t be at full capacity but around 2000-3000 people and still feel comfortable. What’s crazy is when you go to a port like Grand Cayman and there are 5 ships in port with 4000 per ship,MSN that’s crowded but still fun. Please don’t let the worry of to many people shy you away from doing the other 2 ships.If you love the Wonder and Magic then you’ll love the Dream and Fantasy.

            1. Ed


              Thanks for your thoughtful reply! When Debbie and I visit Disneyland we are always sure to try and avoid the peak season crowds. So perhaps an off season cruise on the Fantasy or Dream might change my attitude towards these larger ships. I am always amazed when on the Wonder, how few fellow guests seem to be around. Other than the kids pool area and sometimes the adult pool the Wonder has never seemed crowded. This lack of crowding seems to be the experience that a number of people have remarked on with respect to the Dream class ships….. so maybe…

      2. Steve H.

        I’ve been on all four ships and by far my favorite ship is the Magic and the wonder. Can’t wait to see the changes on the Wonder. It’s hard for me to see how they could improve on perfection.

  1. Disney Sistas

    Booked our 2017 Winter Cruise Sept 8 on the Fantasy 7 day Eastern. I will truly miss the old Wonder, but I am so looking forward to Tiana ‘ s Place. I listened to Podcast room differences. Our retiree group has complained about Disney removing the double beds. A section of the ship should be set aside for Family Reunions and return those beds. 9 kids with adults need their space! This is my 11th Cruise. Last Wonder Cruises: 10/28/10, 10/29/09, 02/21/08??
    Disney Sistas ~

  2. Ana Gaillat

    As someone that loves the Wonder and the Dream almost equally (ok, a bit bias to the Wonder, since I have spent several months of my life on her!) I can see the pluses and minuses of both designs and I don’t think DCL will do away with the classic ships anytime soon.
    As much as the larger ships are more profitable, there is a market for more “boutique” cruising in the classics.
    Also, some itineraries would not be possible with the larger ships. Tracy Arm in Alaska and Geiranger in Norway would be unthinkable with the Dream class, and there is definitely a market for both.
    Fantasy and Magic are lower on my list, but that is personal likes (or dislikes) for their decoration and color schemes. This is funny, since my next 4 cruises are in either of these two!

  3. David

    Ok, so I think I’m going to be the odd man out here….We’ve hit a triple and next summer will complete the grand-slam. (been on 3 out of 4 ships) and I have to say that although my reason for liking the wonder and the magic is mostly because of the Hawaiian pizza that the dream doesn’t offer, I still like the Dream and the kiddos absolutely love the aqua duck. As for it being over crowded – we’ve done the Wonder 1x, Magic 2x, and Dream 4x, I have never felt overcrowded in all of the sailings, Castaway Cay never seemed over crowded in all of the sailings. I do suspect we will go back to the Magic as the kiddos do want to try out the Aqua Dunk, and perhaps back to the Wonder to hit cruise #10 since we started on the Wonder, but after scoring an amazing upgrade a few years back at minimum cost – concierge level on the Dream far exceeded anything we had experienced on the magic/wonder. That being said – any of the 4 ships are still an exciting time for us and as long as I get my day at Castaway Cay, I don’t really care which ship took me there.

      1. Bill B.

        My wife and I agree too. We’ve never been on the Magic but have been on the Dream (x3), Fantasy (x1) and the Wonder (x1). The Wonder was the worse on the outside only but the rooms had just been redone and were in brand new shape on our trip to Alaska in 2015. Other than the food on the Wonder we do not have one complaint. And I do agree I never felt like any of them were overcrowded.

  4. David

    Scott, so we’ve seen a lot of pictures of the Dream after re-imagined, the Magic after re-imagined and now the Wonder after re-imagined. I understand now that the Magic and the Wonder both have concierge lounges – have you seen any pictures of the concierge lounge, and if so, can you share here? Thanks

  5. Jeffrey Langdon

    Wonder (1x), Magic (8x), Dream (1x) and Fantasy (3x). For years the Magic was my favorite ship, but we just went back on the Magic (DVC Member cruise) for the first time in 6 years after going on the Dream and Fantasy and it was a bit of a disappointment.

    There is so much more to do on the newer ships. More shops, bars, restaurants, and the Aquaduck
    I so wanted to buy my daughter a souvenir from Mickey’s Mainsail, but the store is smaller, has less inventory, and as many times as we circled the store we couldn’t find anything.

    I have fond memories of being on the classic ships, but have no interest in going back. That being said, we are sailing on the Wonder in February so my daughter can celebrate her 13th birthday and get her Grand Slam.


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