Disney Wonder 2016 Dry Dock Enhancements – Tiana’s Place Restaurant

Tiana’s dream has come true with the opening of Tiana’s Place aboard the recently enhanced Disney Wonder. Tiana’s Place is located on deck 3 aft in the former home of Parrot Cay. Inspired by the venue from the 2009 animated feature, The Princess and the Frog, Tiana’s Place will transport guests to an era of southern charm, spirited jazz and street party celebrations.

The menu is influenced by southern-style cuisine, with recipes inspired by the flavors and ingredients of the Louisiana bayou.

During the evening live music is performed on the main stage, with rhythmic, toe-tapping notes of jazz, swing and blues setting the tone for a French Quarter supper club atmosphere.

The dinning experience culminates with a selection of desserts beginning with none other than Tiana’s Buttermilk Beignets and a range of options from a decadent six layer sponge cake to a no sugar added mousse to a signature pecan nut tart.

Tiana’s personal touch extends beyond the menu to the entertainment and design details around the restaurant. All telling the timeless tale of Tiana’s journey from waitress to frog to princess to proud restaurant owner.

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  1. Tammi

    This restaurant was my main motivation for booking my next cruise on the Wonder. Love, love, love the Princess and the Frog!


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