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Last month, we received a copy of a new Disney Cruise Line brunch menu offered in Royal Court aboard the Disney Fantasy from disneygal72. During the 6-Night Western Caribbean cruise, the brunch was offered in Royal Court from 10 AM to 1 PM on Thursday, a sea day. The menu looks to be a combination of the various main dinning room breakfast and lunch menus rather than a one off menu.

It appears this is becoming a regular offering as it was still offered during the 11/19 Disney Fantasy cruise based on the Personal Navigators posted yesterday.
Dcl Df Royal Court Brunch Menu 2016

Have you had the opportunity to experience this brunch offering? Let us know what you thought of the extended operating hours with a brunch menu.

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  1. Pam

    We experienced this during the 10/1 Western Caribbean sailing on the Fantasy. I didn’t see the menu ahead of time and was rushing to get there for lunch hoping to get a decent burger. While the times weren’t convenient for lunch (I felt it closed too early for that), I would say it was perfect for brunch. I ordered the strip steak and had asked for steamed rice to accompany it. This was the first time they couldn’t accommodate my request and instead offered to bring a side of the risotto. I don’t eat risotto often but I loved it. I usually shy away from anything with sun dried tomatoes but I couldn’t get enough of it. The cherry crepes weren’t fancy but were tasty as well. The two other adults in our party had the brownie pie and they said it was a worthy dessert. I’d say the menu was perfect for brunch, with a heavy emphasis on breakfast.

  2. ImprovGal

    That menu appears to be the same as one of the few Brunch menus for Lumiere’s on the Magic. I’ve seen it on longer cruises with multiple sea days (most recently this year’s transatlantic crossings). I love that sundried tomato risotto and enjoy it more when I get to have it at 9 in the morning.

  3. Suzanne

    We had the menu aboard a 7 day cruise to Tortola and I was not impressed. The blueberry pancakes were dry and the cherry crepes were not real crepes. Brunch in Palo was much better.

  4. Ellen

    Was the brunch included in your cruise of did you pay extra for it?
    Because I see also see cocktails but no price.


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