Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 19: Staterooms

On this podcast episode, we talk about the Disney Cruise ship staterooms.

Show Notes

V-MOB is a revolu onary man overboard detec on system that integrates thermal imaging cameras, advanced video analy cs, and Light Detec on and Ranging (LIDAR) technologies, providing automated surveillance and detec on capabilities around the ship’s perimeter. V-MOB is designed to detect and record these events and create automated alerts to crew members in the case of man- overboard events, fires, and unauthorized boardings.

V-MOB Detec on Systems are currently installed on more than 30 cruise vessels operated by Carnival Corpora on and Disney Cruise Lines.

Installed and maintain V-MOB Systems on all Disney Cruise Line vessels. Designing security and surveillance system for Castaway Cay private island which will include radar, thermal cameras, CCTV and wireless infrastructure.

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4 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 19: Staterooms”

  1. Carly Johnson

    My cousin-in-law completely forgot to pay his bill with cash and left the ship. He got stopped before customs. They escorted him back onto the ship, and he settled up. Not sure what they would have done if he had nothing to pay with, but they wouldn’t let him leave. 🙂

  2. Erin

    Just finished listening to the podcast after my Canadian cruise on the Magic. We used the pull-down bunk, and it had a sticker that said the weight limit was 220 lbs.

    For your onboard account, I believe they place a hold on your credit card at some point during the voyage if you have a credit card on file. Not sure what happens if that is declined, but I think a lot of credit issues would be flagged and dealt with before you have to settle the bill at the end of the sailing.

  3. Ken

    Another interesting podcast. On the getting drunk on a Disney ship why do DCL not offer drinks packages and I am talking drinks at the bar here. Also I notice a few cruise lines are starting to throw in free drinks packages with your cruise do you think DCL will go this way ?


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