DCL Survey Hints at Future Cruise Destinations Australia & South America

There is a Disney Cruise Line survey going around asking guests about which cruise destination they were aware are places DCL sails. The list includes Hawaii, Alaska, British Isles, Norwegian Fjords and Iceland, Northern Europe, South America, Australia, Western Europe, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mediterranean. Clearly, Australia and South America are two destinations that stick out since all the other destinations have been or currently are bookable cruise destinations through DCL.

Dcl Survey Sept 2016 Australia 2

The survey which was kindly shared by Lori K also included a similar question to gauge interest in a Disney Cruise to the following destinations in different time frames. The time frames were more about how far into the future, not time of year, which often is a point of contention when DCL announced interesting itineraries that fall during the school year.Dcl Survey Sept 2016 Australia 1

Time to put this into perspective, this is just a survey. However, in about 5+ years Disney’s fleet will be expanded giving DCL the opportunity to explore uncharted waters.

How would you respond to these survey questions?

16 Replies to “DCL Survey Hints at Future Cruise Destinations Australia & South America”

  1. Gaby

    I wonder if they think the South American option is for the Panama Canal cruises which normally stop in Colombia. Technically Disney cruise line has visited South America a few times if this is the country they are referring to for South America.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      When you see DCL talking about destination they are referring to the majority of the cruise. For example the Panama Canal cruise destination is Panama Canal. If you look at DCL website, one of the main filters is destination.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      True, but it is only a stop on the Panama Canal itinerary, not an itinerary with multiple stops in South America. Look at how DCL uses the word destination on their website.

    1. NADENE Laird

      Count my family in also . We’ve been on many Disney cruises and are looking at retirement travel to Australia, sailing via Disney would be perfect.

  2. Glo

    I would love to go on Disney cruises, however, they’ve made it where I can’t travel on them anymore with the bed configuration not being able to separate. They’ve lost site of the fact that not every family is a traditional couple that would sleep in the same bed. I travel with my sister, cousin or friends.

  3. Vicki g

    Would love Dcl to come down under. I am biased but it is a beautiful part of the world. All other cruise lines come to Australia, it is the fastest growing travel product currently.

  4. Lisa

    Has there been any new rumours / rumblings / info to support a DCL Australian itinerary in the near future? Do I even hold out a glimmer of hope for Summer 2018?


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