US Embassy Issues A Personal Security Awareness Message Due to Crime in Nassau

On July 12, 2016, the United States Embassy in Nassau, Bahamas issued a security awareness messages to remind U.S. Citizens living or visiting New Providence Island (Nassau) and Paradise Island to be mindful of their surroundings at all times and employ practical personal security awareness when in public and at home to avoid being a victim of crime.

Over the course of the past six months, the U.S. Embassy has received reports of a significant increase in armed robberies throughout New Providence, specifically targeting patrons of ATM machines, parking venues at various retail locations, and armed car-jackings.

The US Embassy is suggests the following for your safety:

  • Avoid using ATM machines located in isolated areas and consider using ATM machines located in shopping centers that have security coverage. Use the buddy system when using ATM machines.
  • Keep your car doors locked and your windows rolled up as you drive. Keep valuables out of sight in your vehicles when parked (cell phones, laptops, cash, GPS or other valuables).

Although these warnings are not exactly applicant to cruise passengers, they do offer great tips. Click here to read the full text of the warning. To Disney’s credit they have been providing the following warning on the cover of the Personal Navigator:

While you may find many great experiences in Nassau, there have been reports of increased crime, including assaults and robberies involving tourists in the area. As in any large city, you’ll want to take some basic precautions to make the most of your time ashore.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all time, just as you would in your normal daily activities.
  • Avoid short cuts, narrow alleys or poorly lit streets. We recommend that guests only visit the downtown shopping areas and other tourist locations.
  • Leave valuables in your safe and avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Exercise caution when using ATMs. Cameras and handbags should be carried out os sight and secured to your person with a strap.
  • Leave air transportation tickets and other travel documents in your room safe. When going ashore, each adult is required to carry a Driver’s license, passport or other government-issued photo ID.
  • If traveling by taxi, use only licensed taxi operators.
  • In general, use the same level of precaution you would in any tourist destination.
  • Most crimes are easier to commit in dark unlit areas. You should stay out of these types of areas and consider retiring to the ship before nightfall. If you stay out at night, please be extra vigilant about your personal safety.

DCL Personal Navigator Nassau Crime Warning May 2016

Needless to say, sticking with Disney Cruise Line port adventures is your best bet when going ashore in the Bahamas. If you choose to explore Nassau on your own I would suggest, letting other know of your plans and travel in a group using the buddy system. For the most up to date travel information please visit the US Embassy’s message page for US Citizens.

24 Replies to “US Embassy Issues A Personal Security Awareness Message Due to Crime in Nassau”

    1. Ruben

      Janet, I agree with you! In addition, Atlantis is a dump! Looks great on TV, however, visit the property and your disappointed!!! Unfortunately, I am headed to this dump again next Summer; however, I plan to stay on the ship. I booked a 2-night stay at Castaway Cay. I would have rather gone to Key West or San Juan.

      1. Disneydreamin

        Agree! Glad I saw Atlantis once, but definitely not the paradise it is made out to be in ads! I would much rather go to Key West….but I’m sure Disney has a contract as Scott said? we will also be staying on the boat next time. Still.. Any day on a Disney Cruise is a great day☀☀

      2. Janet

        Only got off once , Atlantis is a ripoff, basically you get in to the casino unless you pay. What do you mean by “booking a two night stay at Castaway Cay”?

  1. Randy Overbeck

    According to our Head Server (June 25th Sailing on the Fantasy) Disney has a 5 year contract for the Disney Fantasy that requires them to visit Nassau on a regular interval. He believed that the contract ends next year ( April 2017 would be 5 years from the first voyage) and so after next year there may be significant changes to its regular ports of call. Personally I would love to see more stops at Key West as I liked that port back when we went on the Magic in 2002 much better.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Randy, the Dream class ships are unable to visit Key West. Additionally, just because the contract ends doesn’t mean they are ending their relationship. If DCL plans to flag the two new ships in the Bahamas it will likely mean an extension of such contracts.

      1. Ann

        Im new is this what does is mean , our children’s family is on the dream cruise, is there a problem with the camera’s or the ship the last post was 6 hours ago and they should be at Castway Cay, just concerned for them

        1. Scott Sanders Post author

          Ann, If you are referring to the listed ship location there is a simple reason. The ships are only shown on the map when they are in range of a terrestrial satellite receiver. When not in range, the last terrestrial location is shown.

  2. James Arthur

    So what if the ship docks at Nassau, treat it like another day at sea. Stay avoid the ship and enjoy what the ship had to offer. We have done the 3 and 4 day cruises on the Dream and both times we did not get off the ship at Nassau, only at Castaway Cay.

  3. mjk22

    Isn’t there is also a requirement for a cruise ship originating at a U.S. port that it must include at least one foreign port of call? Looking at the map the Bahamas are one of the nearest.

  4. Keith

    Nassau is such a disappointment we normally get off the ship only to buy duty free Liquor and then get back on and enjoy the amenities of the ship. The trouble is more and more people are doing that so the ship stays more crowded than it would otherwise be if we pulled in somewhere nice enough that it was worth getting off.
    The port area itself doesn’t feel safe and all the excursions are vastly over priced for what they deliver. It would be nice if there was another port the Dream could dock at instead of constantly going back there.

  5. Dave F.

    Wasn’t impressed with Nassau, our first trip the only reason we got off the boat was because it was the kids first time outside of the US and the idea excited them. Then my wife found the shopping to be worth while. Atlantis was too expensive as an add on and we happen to know that people mock the “Boat People” when there. It wasn’t for us.

    The best part of docking was the ability to get on the aqua-Duck without a wait. The pool and other amenities were great without the crowd. Would have preferred a double dip at Castaway Cay. I could spend three days there and be very happy.


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