Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 10: Packing for a Disney Cruise

On this week’s podcast we are going to cover packing for a Disney Cruise and answer some listener’s packing questions.

Show Notes

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5 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast – Episode 10: Packing for a Disney Cruise”

  1. Jennifer

    There are times your wife is leaning away from the mike and it’s hard to hear.
    FYI, I used packing cubes in Feb for the first time and I won’t ever go without them again!!!

  2. Chad

    Scott, while on your current trip could you take a pic of the phone/usb thing that you mentioned during the podcast? Also…a request. Could you increase the recording volume? I need to turn your podcast way up compared to others that I subscribe to. Thanks! Enjoying listening each week! The DCL announcement tones at the beginning always make my day!

  3. RichG

    There was a question on packing cubes on the podcast- I use packing cubes for business travel and love them. If you use multiple cubes they help you keep things organized or separated. With some of the better cubes you can also push out all the excess air and really save a lot of space. I usually can fit all of my clothes in one medium sized cube for a 3 day business trip. I haven’t used them for a cruise yet- but will in August.

    I have one cube from Spacepak- http://www.flight001.com/packing-bags/spacepak/f1-spacepak-clothes-blue.html
    This is probably the most expensive brand and there are tons of cheaper ones on amazon that do not have one way vents to push out the air.

    I have also found that due to the limited number of drawers/shelves in staterooms and us being a family of four that an expandable closet organizer is extremely useful. You pack everything while the organizer is hanging at home, collapse it into your large suite case, and when it’s time to unpack just hang it and you are done. It was great on my last cruise in November. I bought mine long ago but here is one I found online… http://www.qvc.com/Expandable-Hanging-Suitcase-Organizer-by-Pursfection.product.V33248.html


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