Full Slate of Salerno, Italy Port Adventures for 2016 Disney Magic Sailings

Disney Cruise Line recently added a selection of port adventures for guests to choose when sailing to Salerno, Italy aboard the Disney Magic in 2016. As of now, the Disney Magic is scheduled to make one call to Salerno, Italy in 2016, during the August 27th 7-night Mediterranean cruise. This itinerary was recently altered to add Salerno by dropping the previously scheduled call in Naples.

Below are brief summaries of each port adventure with links for more information on each.

2016 Sailing Featuring Salerno, Italy, Italy

6 Replies to “Full Slate of Salerno, Italy Port Adventures for 2016 Disney Magic Sailings”

  1. Anne

    They still have not updated Livorno’s port adventures – they just replaced La Spezia by Livorno despite the fact it is nowhere near.
    I suspect they will cancel some of the now too far away Port Adventure last minute. Really annoyed about that.

      1. Anne

        Yes but they do simply replicate the details from La Spezia, therefore ignoring the fact Livorno is much further South and not accessible in the same way for various excursions.
        For instance, Cinque Terre was directly accessiblefrom La Spezia and the Port Adventure for Livorno hasn’t updated the probable change on transportation.
        I also suspect that when they will actually look at the real times and distances some Port Adventures will be cancelled last minute.

  2. disneydreamin

    Oh my! This is painful to read! Looks so AWESOME!!!! Want to badly to do this cruise, but with my job/kid HS sports obligations/and cruise schedule is a big fat NO! This WILL be my retirement trip!!

  3. Anne

    Update: I have contacted guest services to highlight the Livorno port adventures were copy-pasted from La Spezia ; they answered it was raised to the correct department to be updated.


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