Disney Magic Appears on the Port of Amsterdam’s Cruise Schedule for Summer 2017

The Port of Amsterdam’s cruise schedule currently shows the Disney Magic making a maiden call on May 25, 2017 with a second call on June 27, 2017. At this time, Disney Cruise Line has not announced sailings for the summer of 2017. Based solely on the releases dates over the last few years, I am penciling the next itinerary release on my calendar for mid- to late-March.

Disney Magic Amsterdam 2017 May June Schedule

Additionally, the Port of Amsterdam posted the news on their Facebook page. In the likely event someone in Celebration picks up the phone and makes this all disappear, I’ve not only embedded the Facebook post, but also a screenshot.

Port Amsterdam Facebook Post Magic 2017

I am not going to speculate further on possible itineraries because I have not had time to do my homework and compare offerings from other cruise lines. However, I added Amsterdam as a port of call on the website.

I’d like to thank Mark Kechula from hihovacations.com for sending me an email alerting me to this information.

18 Replies to “Disney Magic Appears on the Port of Amsterdam’s Cruise Schedule for Summer 2017”

  1. Carole

    Disney Magic is showing up in Rome for five Tuesdays from 15th August to 12th September 2017 – then heading to Livorno. Hopefully that means a Transatlantic on 16th September.

  2. Kay

    Any other “sightings”? It seems as if the Magic will be starting her Med. itineraries about 2 weeks later than this year (first Rome stop is Aug. 4 this summer). Any other speculation on where she might be sailing?

  3. Anne

    DCL website had a bug yesterday on their Port Adventure page – they showed Amsterdam, Palermo and ports in Scotland and England as new ports.
    I can suppose Amsterdam will be a port for more Northen or British Isles / Baltic cruises.

  4. tim

    I believe the summer 2017 cruises wil be release may 2016 tues after bankholiday monday cannot wait for the release as itching to book my 2nd cruise


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