Man Charged with 3 Counts of Felony Child Molestation in Miami Following Disney Magic Cruise

WSVN TV reports that Juan Manuel Palma-Orgega, a Honduran man, was arrested following the accusation by an 11-year old girl that she was molested by a man aboard the Disney Magic. According to the report from the Miami/Fort Lauderdale television station, the incident occurred aboard the Disney Magic’s December 18th 5-Night Western Caribbean cruise which returned to PortMiami on Wednesday. The young girl told her parents that the 31-year old Juan Manuel Palma-Ortega fondled her three times during the cruise.

Juan Manuel Ortega Palma Miami Dade Inmate Record

Miami-Dade police detained Palma-Ortega back at PortMiami on Wednesday December 23rd, where he allegedly confessed to the crime. He was charged with three felony counts of lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor and is being held without bond.  He’s also being held on an immigration hold, subject to possible deportation. Ortega was ordered no bond in a Miami-Dade courtroom Thursday. You can lookup the case information using the case number F-15-026200 on the Miami-Date County Clerk Criminal Justice website.

The information currently available does not note whether Juan Manuel Palma Ortega was a Disney Magic crew member or just another passenger. Jim Walker’s report over at dug up some background information on Palma-Ortega that suggests he may have been a crew member.

I emailed DCL to see if they would tell us if this alleged despicable excuse for a human was a crew member or a passenger, but based on the nature of the subject and to a much lesser extent, the holiday break, I do not expect a response (primary because they are not going to want to discuss this matter with us).

Unfortunately, this is not the first sexual assault incident that has made it to the public forum. Regardless if he was a crew member or just a passenger, it goes without saying just because you are on a Disney Cruise does not mean you can let your guard down. In the previous case that involved a crew member, DCL immediately terminated his employment.

If any more information is released, I will update the post.

UPDATE: December 26, 2015 – Juan M Palma-Ortega Appears to have been a Disney Magic crew member.

Based on the following employee information which was provided to us via a reader comment, Juan M Palma-Ortega was indeed a crew member aboard the Disney Magic. According to what appears to be a Disney internal company profile, Palma-Ortega was a merchandise host aboard the Disney Magic. I redacted what appeared to be internal codes.
Juan Palma Ortega Disney Cast Member Details

We still have not heard back from Disney Cruise Line on this matter. As a result, I am saying we ‘believe’ he was a crew member as it has not been directly confirmed to us or any legitimate news outlets.

18 Replies to “Man Charged with 3 Counts of Felony Child Molestation in Miami Following Disney Magic Cruise”

  1. Joa

    Can’t believe this, Juan was so lovely on every one of our cruises. Sad to hear this and even sadder if it turns out to be true.

  2. Doug D

    How and why was a retail merchandise employee allowed into state rooms? And as the father of a little girl myself, I’m surprised there was anything left of him to arrest.
    We leave Jan 24th for our first Disney cruise, this really will cast a cloud on things.

  3. Rose

    Thanks for the good commentaries… i appreciate ir.. Juan is a really nice and respectively person ..he didn’t deserve this terrible mistake..we are so hopely this is going to have a good end.

  4. Sheila

    Obviously, if he confessed it wasn’t a “terrible mistake”, and nowhere does it say that they were in a stateroom together alone. As if I would ever allow that to happen. We cruise next month on the Wonder and I am not going to let this ruin our cruise. It could happen on any ship or cruiseline. Unfortunately, this crap happens everywhere and as parents, we just need to keep a sharp eye out. It says he worked in “merchandising”. I wonder what that means? At the shops on board?

    1. eddy

      Yes he was working at the stores….i knew him i used to go to the gym with him….and i feel bad for him.

      I wont judge him…and make any bad or good coment….just wanr to say that he was a nice and very respectful person.

  5. Rachel

    This is horrible. This man is a criminal. No excuses. We got on the Magic on the 23 and had no idea of this incident with a 9 year old daughter.

  6. Rose

    To all excelent crew members..i know about your great attention to the customers and please be careful with this situation…dont let no one leave their children under ur supervicion or let them around u..parents must be carrying their own kids, as a warning

  7. Ada

    At times like this is very easy judge or not to. I have known this young man as the day he was born. I know he has character dreams and responsibilities to fulfill with his only son and his elder father in Honduras. I feel deeply sorry if this is a true story I encourage parents to always keep an eye on their children but I also encourage the low to find the truth. If this is false Juan Manuel deserves a second chance. Unfortunately if this is truth then life continues and he has to learn from his mistakes. He is a father and I know how much he cares for his son. This is terrible hurting me. Juan if one day you read this mesage please believe me I am praying for you and your family. I also pray for the truth to prevail.

    1. Kiersten Jensen

      I am not trying to defend this mans crimes. I do want to say I am greatful to this gentleman because he intervened when I wanted to attempt suicide on my cruise many years ago. I would not be alive today if he hadn’t been brave enough to distract me from trying to jump of the ship. I will be praying for him because I know him personally. I’m sorry for that the family and the 11 year old girl negative experience. I sympathize for both the victim and the perpetrator. I do understand this mans personality and he is going through some tremendous stress psychological stress. I wish he could get the help he needs. I wish I could send a priest to go see him in prison. I pray this man finds god because I have seen a very good side to this man and he could be used for the better of mankind if he gets the healing he needs. He has a gift for helping suicidal people perhaps someone could teach him how to use it for helping others. I will pray for the little girl and her family too. I’m sorry that both parties had this experience.


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