DCL Captain Mickey Character Avatar Added to My Disney Experience

Disney Cruise Line’s Captain Mickey is now an option to select as your character avatar for the Disney Parks’ My Disney Experience website and mobile application.MDE DCL Captain Mickey

Below are the various Captain Mickey graphics if you are interested in using them as an avatar on other social media sites.

Maybe, just maybe this is a sign that Disney is getting closer to rolling out MagicBands on the ships. I think it is only a matter of time. I know there are some MagicBands floating around from small-scale tests which had the ship name, passenger name and sail date.

4 Replies to “DCL Captain Mickey Character Avatar Added to My Disney Experience”

    1. Dave F.

      I know they used them on the kids club on the Dream last year. Clearly, they would be great if used on the ships 100% of the time. No need to carry the card, but that’s probably a large scale dry dock operation.


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