New Website Feature: Check Cruise Availability & Pricing

Early this summer, we added a Find Your Cruise search to the site to help quickly find information related to a specific sailing. However, I felt there was something missing on the sail date summary page. What if you wanted to check availability and pricing of the cruise? There were really 2 options, contacting your travel agent and ask them to look into it or head over to DCL’s site and search for the cruise. I chose to tackle the latter and make it as simple as possible to find the information you need with a simple button.

DCLBlog Cruise Availibility And Pricing ButtonThe Check Cruise Availability & Pricing button on the page will take you directly to DCL’s cruise search page pre-populating most of the search form. You will still need to select the number of passengers and enter the ages of any minors that will be sailing in your party then hit search.

This feature has been live for a few weeks and seems to be working, but if you have any issues or feedback please let me know.


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