Disney Fantasy Sail Away from Jetty Park

On a Saturday in June, we did the unthinkable… We drove past Port Canaveral on an embarkation day. No! We were not lost. We were on our way to Cocoa Beach for the day. This was our first time driving to the port area with a Disney cruise ship in port for something other than a cruise. Since we were not sailing, we decided the next best thing to do would be to watch the Disney Fantasy sail away from Jetty Park.

There are a few places to watch the ships sail away from Port Canaveral, but since we chose Jetty Park this meant we had to pay an entrance fee of $15. The fee is considerably less at $5 if you are a Brevard County resident. Jetty Park is the area at the mouth of Port Canaveral you will often people lined up with cars and RVs in the background to watch the cruise ships leave the port.Jetty Park From The Disney FantasyThe Disney Fantasy left Port Canaveral as the storms were approaching which was good for those onboard as we encountered some heavy rain driving back to Orlando.

Disney Fantasy Port Canaveral Sail Away Clouds

This spot provided a completely new perspective of the ships. If you are spending a few days in the Cape Canaveral area before your cruise I would suggest checking out a sail away even if it is not one of the Disney ships.
Disney Fantasy Leaving Port CanaveralWe stopped a Publix beforehand for some takeout which we enjoyed while the ships sailed out. If you arrive before 5PM you can grab some food at the Jetty Beach Grill.

Jetty Beach Grill Menu (Jetty Park)Below is video of the Disney Fantasy sailing out of Port Canaveral from our spot at Jetty Park on June 20, 2015. The Yo Ho, Yo Ho (A Pirates Life For Me) horn was played for the benefit of those watching the ship at Jetty Park.

We had an amazing day between Cocoa Beach and Jetty Park. I think the next time we head over to the Space Coast for a day at the beach we will try Jetty Park for the full day and finish with the cruise ships sailing away.

7 Replies to “Disney Fantasy Sail Away from Jetty Park”

  1. Kelley Hardy

    I’m so glad you posted this, because DH and I are considering doing just this!!! I’m running the Princess, and then we’re getting on the Dream the next day. We considered checking out of WDW and driving to the Port so that we can watch that day’s cruise sail-a-way! I was looking at the menus of all the restaurants right there on the water, but I think we’d be happier-and come out financially ahead-by paying the $15 to get into Jetty Park and eating at the grill. YEAH!!!

  2. Louise A

    Awesome angle and timing on the cloud formation framing that beautiful ship! Makes a great desktop background 🙂 Thank you, Scott!

  3. Amber

    This is such a great idea. We are park’d out so we are doing something different and staying at Cocoa Beach the day before our cruise next week on the Fantasy. It would be fun to watch the Dream sail away on Friday from this location. I have always wanted to do this. I will have to pack my Micky hand =) BTW Scott I am the lady who asked for your autograph at Sanaa. Thanks for all that you do for us Disney cruisers.


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