Disney Magic’s 2015 Eastbound Transatlantic Itinerary Modified Due to Ice in Newfoundland

Disney Cruise Line began sending emails to travel agents and guest booked aboard this Friday’s 15-Night Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise that the scheduled call in St. John’s, Newfoundland on May 21, 2015 will be changed as a result of excessive amounts of larger pieces of ice off the coast. Additionally, due tot the distance needed to sail around these conditions the Disney Magic will be unable to call in Reykjavik, Iceland as originally scheduled on May 25, 2015.

Below is the Iceberg Analysis Chart for May 14, 2015 from the North American Ice Service showing the ice field around Newfoundland. I’ve labeled Halifax and St. John’s accordingly.

NAIS ICEBERG CHART 20150514 NAIS65The good news is that Disney Cruise Line has found alternative ports to visit rather than addition of two sea days. On May 20th, the Disney Magic will call on Halifax, Nova Scotia. May 25th will now be a day at sea. May 27th will change from a sea day to a call in Stavanger, Norway.

Map Magic 15 Night Eastbound Transatlantic Itinerary A Altered

Port Canaveral • At Sea • At Sea • New York • At Sea • Halifax, Nova Scotia • At Sea • At Sea • At Sea • At Sea • At Sea • At Sea • Stavanger • Oslo • Copenhagen

Disney Cruise Line understands this is disappointing, but hopes that passengers understand that the safety and well-being of their Guests, Crew Members and ship are their highest priority.

Any previously pre-reserved Port Adventures for St. John’s and Reykjavik have been automatically removed from your guests’ stateroom accounts. Guests wishing to plan for Port Adventures in Halifax and Stavanger may do so once onboard the Disney Magic at the Port Adventures Desk located on Deck 3, Midship.

The cruise directors for this sailing will be both Brent and Natalie and the Captain will be John Barwis.

Below is a copy of the email sent to travel agents and guests booked on this sailing.

DCL 2015 Magic EBTA Itinerary Change LetterSpecial thanks to Travel on a Dream and Tink’s Magical Vacations for sharing this update with us.

13 Replies to “Disney Magic’s 2015 Eastbound Transatlantic Itinerary Modified Due to Ice in Newfoundland”

      1. archrd

        I can’t wait to see the Magic again in Halifax. We were just on it in January and had seen it several times in Halifax a few years ago.

  1. Randall S. Svihla

    The problem is that Halifax and Stavanger are not even close to being equally exotic ports of call as St. John’s and Iceland. Plus now we have 6 days at sea in a row, rather than 3, then Iceland, then 2 days, then Oslo. And I’ve already been to Halifax.

  2. Hannah

    1. They haven’t cancelled it…2. You haven’t been informed you can’t go because it’s been reserved by a company so you need to change your plans, as we were….3. You will still be on a Disney Cruise. Try to have fun.

  3. debbie

    disney should take an extra day and to Iceland, or somewhere different like a port in Whales, Scotland or Ireland, instead of 2 ports in Norway. At least give the people something different.

  4. Walt S.

    I agree with Randall. For some of us it is a once in a life time moment and think of the money we spend to enjoy that moment. I am disappointed with DCL. Scott even disagreed. WOW…………….

    1. DJ

      I am so sorry you are disappointed. I would be so upset myself. I hope you have a great trip! Don’t let this ruin it for you!

      Scott was just trying to turn lemons into lemonade.

  5. SH

    Visiting Stavanger is an opportunity to better see Norwegian fjords. While not as exotic as Iceland, it may provide better and magnificent landscape than would not have been experienced on the original itinerary. Keep in mind the original stop in Iceland was from 8:30 am to 1:45 pm, so just a short visit. DCL did a decent job of addressing an unavoidable weather issue.

  6. Angel Salvin

    We flew in yesterday for this cruise from the U.K and whilst the changes are dissapointing we understand after seeing the amounts of ice from the plane!!!! It looked like the Arctic.

  7. Elaine Hammond

    Regardless of whether you are disappointed or not, bear in mind that your SAFETY is most important. I have done the Trans Atlantic cruise and loved every minute of it. We loved the days at sea especially and my husband said it made him think of his ancestors who came over and spent months and weeks seeing nothing but ocean instead of 6 days in a row as we did. Enjoy this wonderful opportunity knowing Disney will keep you safe.

  8. Cindy Elliott

    Was so looking forward to watching The Magic arrive in St. John’s, been on her twice and never ever thought I would see the day that she would come to Newfoundland–I am so disappointed, I can only imagine how the passengers must feel!!! Having said that, only 111 days till we board The Wonder destined for Hawaii, so I’ll soon get over it!!! But Safety has to be the #1 priority!! Despite the changes, I hope everyone on board has a fabulous vacation!!


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