2015 Port Adventures Added for Akureyri, Iceland

Disney Cruise Line recently added a selection of port adventures for guests to choose when sailing to Akureyri, Iceland aboard the Disney Magic in 2015. The Disney Magic is scheduled to make just one call to Akureyri in 2015, at the beginning of her eleven-night repositioning cruise on July 6th.

DCL Port Adventures Akureyri Godafoss Iceland

Below are brief summaries of each port adventure with links for more information on each.

Sailing Featuring Kristiansand, Norway

Disney Magic

2 Replies to “2015 Port Adventures Added for Akureyri, Iceland”

  1. Leo McLaughlin

    I am just stunned and staggeringly disappointed by Disney’s decision to change the date (and therefore time) of the Akureyri port of call. Akureyri is famous as the base camp for excursions into some of Iceland’s most amazing natural wonders – Volcanos and Glaciers and ice caves. Looking at the excursions previously on the DCL website we were wondering how adventurous we could be with our tweens.

    Because the new stay in Akureyri is so short there isn’t actually time to do any of those things. Even worse, the new excursions seem calculated to break the spirit of any parent thinking of taking their child onshore. Yes, we’ll take you to Santa’s House – but only if you stay for hours in our unbelievably pathetic excuse for a water park. Yes, you can see the one wonder within range, the Godafoss waterfall – but only if you tour our Botanical Garden housing every plant species indigenous to Iceland. Best of all is a port adventure which (particularly for children) reads straight out of a Monty Python parody – “Visit the small, unassuming fishing town of Siglufjörður to see the economic progress and history of herring fishing throughout Iceland.”

    I was disappointed when they dropped the Faroe Islands – a once in a lifetime port of call – but willing to accept it. But this is just absurd.

  2. Bryan

    Yeah, I second this feeling. I wrote to disney about it too. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. If they added 3 more hours, people could visit dettifoss and lake myatan. Also, spending a whole day at Kristiansand and only a few hours in Stavanger sucks. I wanted to see the famous Preacher’s rock. I hope they change the times again.


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