MagicBand Roll Out on the Horizon

Forbes recently shared a very interesting article what they call Bob Iger’s empire of tech at The Walt Disney Company. When the article turned to MagicBands, it was reaffirmed that plans are in the works to bring the RFID bracelets to Disney Cruise Line for wider use. Sure, this is not really new information as this has been expected from the onset, especially considering the vast number of people choosing to spend extra time at Walt Disney World in conjunction with a Disney Cruise from nearby Port Canaveral. Not to mention, Royal Caribbean recently introduced WOWbands earlier this year, beating Disney at their own game.

Theoretically, MagicBands would increase the efficiency of the cruise check in process, as guests staying at one the Walt Disney World resorts could use the same MagicBand they are already using in the theme parks and elsewhere around their resort for checking in at Port Canaveral, as well as onboard anywhere the current KTTW cards are used.

MagicBands were first introduced aboard the Disney Magic, following her re-imagination in late 2013, as Youth Activives Oceaneer Bands replacing the Mickey Bands. During the early part of 2014 the Oceaneer Bands were rolled out across the fleet.

DCL Youth Activities Oceaneer Band MagicBand Return ReceiptRecently, Ethan over at emailed to share a blue Disney Cruise Line MagicBand. The blue version is similar to the 2014 MagicBand featuring a saluting Captain Mickey, but does not include the year.

DCL 2014 MagicBand Blue Oceaneer Yellow

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  2. R. S.

    Shutters still do not have MB readers. Servers will need portable MB readers to process payable items. Also, Dream and Fantasy will need to rethink the use of KTTW to power on the staterooms. And finally, port security will need to accept them as cruise identification.

    1. Keith

      RS – Any card of the correct size actually works to power the room. We usually just stick one of our credit cards in and leave it there for the duration of the cruise. It is a lot easier then using the KTTW card since you don’t need a credit card on the ship.

  3. Will

    Hope not. Forget the spin put out by Disney as to how popular and how well they work at WDW. Even after all this time since they started at WDW the bands fail so much more than the cards ever did or do. WDW has a lot of cast tied up making this failed project work. DCL does not have the extra crew. After dozens of cruises I have never seen a card problem. On the other hand any visit to WDW by me or friends have had issues with the bands. I have refused the bands and gone back to the card myself.

  4. RunDisneyMom

    Since the roll out of Magic Bands, I have been to WDW over 20 times with my family of five and we have never had a problem with the Magic Bands. We have stayed both on and off property, moved resorts mid-vacation and still no problems. I really don’t understand the band haters.

  5. Eric

    Besides the security concerns at port security there should be nothing to stop magic bands, and I am a fan, no more having to remember to grab my kttw card before leaving the room or where to put it while in the pool

  6. ArthurUSCG

    Well, since the MB have RFID in them, then they can use the bands to track where you are in the ship and turn the lights on in the room just before you open the door.

    I suspect the restaurant tables will get the read placed on the table and the roaming deck servers will have a hand/wrist reader.

    With that said, I can’t stand having stuff on my wrists any more. I stopped wearing a watch years ago and the MB drove me nuts on our last WDW trip. The cards work great for me because I have pockets on my shorts and swimming suites.

  7. DVC Disney NUT

    Magic Bands have always worked great for us at the resorts and at the parks. I think the resistance may be somewhat generational. My husband and I are in our 50’s and love them. My 20 something 4 children and their significant others also love them. My dad however struggles and grumbles almost every time we enter a park or the resort room because he cannot line up the Mickey heads. 🙂

    Cannot wait for the technology to arrive on DCL. The only down side is it is way too easy to rack up a tab!

  8. Will

    Be careful what you wish for. You may have been one of the fortunate ones that had an OK trip with the bands. The corporate spin on this rivals a politician in DC. I am local in Florida and have friends and neighbors at all levels up to VP at WDW. Most do not share your favorable opinion privately. Two recent events. Evidently corporate thought it was time to cut payroll and laid off 500 +/- IT folks (can be found by google if you care) from the support of this failed project. The next day and others since the system has crashed for hours at a time making the bands useless. No back up process was created. The card tickets prior to the bands had back up. This past Saturday and Sunday of Presidents holiday weekend the FP+ crashed most of Saturday and all of Sunday at all parks with 70,000 visitors at the MK and 10’s of thousands more at the other parks. All of the fast passes the guests were asked to reserve months were worthless. The fast pass lines were over an hour in most cases. Since they reduced the number of helpers at the kiosks as well as closed most kiosks since the system “works so well” complete chaos was in full force. Social media passed the word that FP+ verification crashed and any one could go through the fast pass entrance. Not a pretty picture. I do not have a report on the activity today but will not be surprised if IT is still struggling.

    I cruise multiple Disney and other cruises every year since we get a good discount as Florida residences. I will not enjoy this incompetent system at sea. Just because they wasted multiple billions on this clown project does not mean it is reliable.

    I have more friends an relatives who have used the system that wish it would just go away than like it.


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