Halloween on the High Seas: The Pumpkin Tree Names

With the expansion of Halloween on the High Seas fleet wide in 2014, Disney Cruise Line created three additional pumpkin trees. If you recall a few months back, Disney shared some concept artwork for each ship’s unique pumpkin tree. Guess what! Each pumpkin tree has a name?

DCL Pumpkin Tree Faces 2014

According to the Halloween on the High Seas Spook-takular Fact portion of a recent Personal Navigator from the Disney Fantasy the trees are named Grim (Dream), Muckelbones (Fantasy), Bog (Wonder), and Reap (Magic). For those wondering about the trees, The Legend of the Pumpkin Tree is included below.

DCL Halloween Pumpkin Tree Legend Names 2014

The Legend of the Pumpkin Tree

Twas a long time ago…

Before the time of now, there was Halloween. Not the Halloween of today, filled with merriment and pranks, but a darker celebration. The night was filled with mystery. The moon seemed to shin a little bit brighter, and in every shadow lurked something unimaginable. This was the time of the Pumpkin King. But as the years grew on, the Pumpkin King grew weary.

He needed someone to help him keep history of his favorite, most beloved holiday. So he reached in his head and retrieved four pumpkin seeds, each one representing a different characteristic of his wicked personality. He planted them around and watched as the seeds grew into beautifully morbid trees.

The tree blooms only once a year. Deep within it’s dark, gnarled branches hold the remnant spirits of Halloween memories gone past. According to the legend, once everyone has learned the who, the what and the why, the spirit of Pumpkin King will bring the tree to life.

The trees are named as follows:

  • Grim – Disney Dream
  • Mucklebones – Disney Fantasy
  • Bog – Disney Wonder
  • Reap – Disney Magic

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