Looking Up at the Disney Magic’s AquaDunk

During the Disney Magic’s 2013 re-imagination, an all new water slide was installed called the AquaDunk. Borrowing from the AquaDuck, there is an acrylic loop-de-loop that extends about 20 feet over the port side of the ship and 112 feet above the water. I recall reading comments shortly after the announcement that some people were concerned about the AquaDunk’s impact on the classic look of the Disney Magic. Sure, it does change the upper deck profile, but the scale of the water slide does not impact her classic ocean liner design, at least in my opinion. In fact, if you were standing on the starboard side of the ship you would have no idea the AquaDunk existed. As you can see below in the photo taken from the pier at Castaway Cay the AquaDunk is less prominent than the iconic yellow lifeboats.

Looking Up At The Disney Magic

Upon returning from a day ashore, guests are greeted by the AquaDunk’s loop-de-loop. It is almost like an outstretched hand encouraging  guests to head to the upper deck to spend a little bit of time before getting ready for dinner. A good tip is to keep an eye on the number of people going down the AquaDunk while you are walking down the pier. Depending on the time of day, you may have the waterslide all to yourself if other passengers are still exploring the port. This was the case on this particular day. I waited in vain for about 15 minutes for someone to ride slide over the edge for the photos below. I eventually moved on when it started to rain.

InstaDunk Disney Magic AquaDunk
Looking Up At The AquaDunk

Standing on the pier in Cozumel, you can see how the AquaDunk is reaching out the the neighboring cruise ship.

AquaDunk Overhang
Disney Magic AquaDunk PortMiami

One last shot of the loop-de-loop with a guest while we are leaving PortMiami.

 What do you think about the new look of the Disney Magic with the AquaDunk?

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  1. Jessica Stephens

    Hey Scott when we were on the boat together the first full week I got someone on the slide from my room the first shot! I can email it to you


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