Disney Cruise Line’s Infant Policy Changes – Effective 7/18/2014

Disney Cruise Line is changing their infant policy by increasing the minimum age to sail from 12 weeks to 6 months of age for most itineraries. DCL’s new minimum age restrictions are effective today, July 18, 2014 for all new bookings for sailings after January 1, 2015.

The minimum age for the longer cruises, such as the Transatlantic, Hawai’i and Panama Canal itineraries will increase to 1 year of age. The infant policy change is consistent with the age restrictions of other cruise lines.

Guests with existing reservations to sail in 2015 with a child between the ages of 12 weeks and 1 year will be allowed to sail on their existing reservations. After July 18, 2014, all new bookings for 2015 sailings must comply with the new age limits.

Re Imagined Disney Magic Its A Small World Nursery CribsNews of the infant policy change is being sent to travel agents who have clients currently sailing with infants in 2015 to inform them of this change and the exception being made for them to sail as planned. Disney Cruise Line’s website still reflects the previous policy, but should change in near future.

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11 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line’s Infant Policy Changes – Effective 7/18/2014”

  1. Heath

    I’m not sure why they deemed this policy necessary, but I disagree with it. We brought our daughter on her first cruise at about 16 weeks and had a great time. It was a quick, 3 day Bahamas cruise on the Dream, but it gave us a nice break and allowed her to see somewhere new. DCL has been our go-to vacation since having our daughter- she’s scheduled to have sailed on 4 cruises before turning two next year! Disney is family friendly, which is why I always appreciated that their age policy was less-restrictive. Not so now.

      1. Cristy Greene (@cristy_greene)

        Would agree Scott’s assessment. Also relevant would be the age at which infants have had most immunizations. Since you’re both parents you know most of the big ones are done by 6 months. Babies that young can have very fragile immune systems. Exposing them to so many people with varied walks of life from far and wide is a risk. Now Disney and their insurance companies will simply not allow you to take it.

        1. Marco

          Probably a good idea to keep seniors 80 years or older from cruising as well, given their fragile immune system…

          This is really disappointing since it leaves only airplane travel as a viable option when you have infants. We are currently planning a Europe trip with 3 stops in order to not be crammed in a plane for too long and adjust to time changes. A 1 week transatlantic cruise would have been a much better alternative.

  2. Cruiser

    We have cruised with DCL four times. We enjoyed a 7-day eastern itinerary with my then 5 month old son. The crewmembers of Flounder’s Reef took great care of him. They really had an intuitive understanding of his needs. Our snorkeling excursion returned late, but my anxiety was unnecessary as he was in wonderful hands.

  3. jojo

    It’s a shame. We took our five month old on an extended family 8 day cruise in 2013 and had a blast. He was piece of cake to take care of (much easier than he would be now at 22 months!) But I understand…liability and legal stuff.

  4. Lons

    We took our barely one year old on a 7 night last year. He came down with croup almost immediately after disembarking. We barely made it home without a trip to the ER. I would hate to think of that experience on board with a very young infant. Like it or not the nursery is a breeding ground for illnesses.

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  6. Nikki Jackson

    It was my understanding a child under the age of 3 would be free (with the exception of nursery care). However, it now appears there is an almost $500 ticket price. Does this new policy also apply to this?

  7. Collin

    So, it says for new bookings after July 18, 2014 for sailings in 2015. So hypothetically, could a family book a cruise today for a sailing this year (good flr rates!) with a child that will not be 6 months yet?
    I’m asking for a friend


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