New Disney Cruise Line Pins – May & June 2014

Disney Theme Park Merchandise provided a preview of a new Disney trading pin that will be released in May and June across the Disney Cruise Line fleet including a few commemorative pins for sailings aboard the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. The release dates listed below are from Disney, however, they do not necessary match the sailing dates of the specific itineraries. For this reason, I am including the release date listed by Disney and the corresponding first sailing.

Disney Cruise Line – Alaska Cruise – Disney Wonder

Celebrate your Disney Cruise to Alaska with this limited edition pin. This pin features four color printing and color enamel fill elements. The design matches the other merchandise offered exclusively on this summer’s Alaskan voyages aboard the Disney Wonder beginning May 24th with an all new 9-night sailing which includes first ever call in Sitka. The pin release date listed indicates it was released on the Disney Wonder during the Westbound Panama Canal cruise while in Cartagena, Columbia.

Release Date: May 8, 2014 • SKU:400008411523 • Retail Price: $12.95 • Edition Size: 3000

DCL 2014 Alaska Cruise Wonder Pin

Disney Cruise Line – Mediterranean Cruise – Disney Magic

Celebrate your Disney Cruise sailing the Mediterranean with this limited edition pin. This pin features pin-on-pin, stained glass, and translucent fill elements. The design matches the other merchandise offered exclusively on this summer’s Mediterranean voyages aboard the Disney Magic beginning May 31st from Barcelona, Spain. The release date listed matches up with the start of the Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise.

Release Date: May 19, 2014 • SKU: 400008411509 • Retail Price: $14.95 • Edition Size: 2000

DCL 2014 Mediterranean Cruise Magic Pin

Disney Cruise Line – Greek Isles – Disney Magic Cruise

Celebrate your Disney Cruise to the Greek Isles with this limited edition pin featuring Mickey Mouse with pin-on-pin and 3D sculpted metal elements. The design matches the other merchandise offered exclusively on this summer’s Greek Isles sailings aboard the Disney Magic. The release date falls in line with the 9-night sailing from Venice, but the prior sailing which is a one way cruise from Barcelona to Venice includes a stop in the Greek Isles port of Corfu so keep an eye out in the event this pin is available earlier.

Release Date: June 26, 2014 • SKU: 400008411530 • Retail Price: $15.95 • Edition Size: 1500

DCL 2014 Greek Isles Cruise Magic Pin

Disney Cruise Line Aqua Duck

Duck in-Fly Out! This all new open edition pin features the lovable Donald Duck flying out of the AquaDuck. The pin features a marbleized fill and a sliding element. The description from Disney indicates this pin will be released on all of the ships, but the AquaDuck is only on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy so keep this in mind in the event it is not available on the classic ships.

Release Date: June 12, 2014 • SKU: 400008444514 • Retail Price: $9.95

DCL 2014 Aqua Duck Pin


Disney Cruise Line Mickey Mouse Compass

The Disney Cruise Line Mickey Mouse Compass pin features pin-on-pin and Matte finish embellishments. This open edition pin will be released onboard all Disney Cruise Line in June.

Release Date: June 19, 2014 • SKU: 400008629553 • Retail Price: $9.95

DCL Mickey Mouse Compass Pin

Disney Cruise Line Tinker Bell Catching ZZZZ’s on the High Seas

The Disney Cruise Line Tinker Bell catching zzzz’s on the high seas pin features the fairy resting on the captain’s hat. This pin features a translucent fill element and will be released across the fleet in June.

Release Date: June 19, 2014 • SKU:400008628853 • Retail Price: $8.95

DCL Tinker Bell Catching ZZZZ’s On The High Seas Pin

My favorite design is the Mediterranean cruise pin. Which pin design is your favorite?

6 Replies to “New Disney Cruise Line Pins – May & June 2014”

  1. Marnix

    Are the LE pins distributed per cruise or are they just put on sale on the EBTA and probably sold out by the first Med cruise of the Magic. Would love to have these, but we won’t be sailing until June 26. I assume by the the LE will have sold out…

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      It is unclear if the pins were released on the EBTA, or if the dates online were incorrect. Regardless, I am unsure if batches of LE pins will be held for each sailing. For what it is worth, in years past we have found the LE pins for sale at the Disney Outlets in Florida.

  2. Abby Laura

    We are going on a Mediterranean cruise sailing July 5th. Will I be able to get the pin or is it only for May and June cruises? If no, will they be coming out with new pins for July and August cruises or should I just get one online now (the May 19th release one)? if thats even possible…

  3. mary e. walsh

    what I was upset about was the cruise pins are kept behind the counter…no one is told about them you have to know….a bunch of us in the shop the farewell night found out about them when we were picking up a fun souvenir for the children…some of us were saying there is really no ALASKA pin…a young man said to us oh there is they keep them behind the counter and I found out because the person in front of me asked…so I asked to be told only get about 25 pins….gone first day they never have enough so do not post it.. kind of sad when thousands of dollars are spent and you cannot get a 12.95 item…..mary

  4. Nica

    Just got off the Wonder (Alaska) today. We also are really upset about not being able to get the Alaska pin. Found out (too late!) that they are “hidden” behind the counter and that they only had a few left, which got entirely bought up the first day So we didn’t get one, and now no one on the last two Alaska sailings of the season will get them, either. 🙁 Sadly, the same thing happened to us on the Pixar cruises in 2012… we were on a late sailing and they were all sold out before we even got on board. Please, DCL, if you’re listening: make enough pins for everyone who sails on one of these cruises to get one! Or at least make enough (and set aside) one per stateroom!


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