Disney Magic to Reprise Role as Host of the Fourth TCM Classic Cruise October 21-26, 2014

The Disney Magic has been selected by Turner Classic Movies to return as host of the fourth TCM Classic Cruise. TCM hosts Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz will be headlining the fourth TCM Classic Cruise October 21 – 26, 2014 when the Disney Magic sets sail from Port Canaveral! The chartered sailing will include film screenings coupled with opportunities to hear behind the scenes stories from the actors and talent who help make these classics. There will also be special presentations and multiple TCM-themed daily events and activities, guests are bound to make new friends as they savor this unique vacation experience. It’s classic movie paradise at sea on a modern classic, the Disney Magic.

TCM Cruise 2014 Poster Disney Magic

The 2014 sailing was announced during the 2013 sailing last December, but plans were not finalized until late November when Disney Cruise Line announced the cancelation of the sailing after it had already gone on sale. This means anyone interested in this sailing must book through the special TCM Classic Cruise website, not Disney Cruise Line, or your travel agent.

This sailing is the first sailing for the Disney Magic from Port Canaveral following her repositioning cruise from San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Disney Magic will sail a modified 5-Night Bahamian itinerary swapping Nassau for a second sea day.

  1. Port Canaveral
  2. Castaway Cay
  3. Sea
  4. Key West
  5. Sea

Among the great highlights of the TCM Classic Cruise experience will be numerous opportunities to see your favorite TCM hosts and classic film stars in a new light! TCM hosts and Hollywood legends are matched during intriguing and popular panel discussions and Q&A sessions in a uniquely intimate setting you can only find on The TCM Classic Cruise! Below is a teaser for the 2014 TCM Classic Cruise.

TCM put together the following video showcasing the highlights of the December 2014 sailing.

Please remember this sailing is not available on DisneyCruise.com. The Disney Magic has been chartered by TCM specifically for this event. Prices for this cruise start around $1100 per person based on double occupancy (plus $300 for taxes, fees and standard gratuities.) At the time of publication, some of the cheaper cabins listed on the pricing page are already sold out. For additional information on the event head over to TCMCruise.com

Did you sail on the 2013 TCM Classic Cruise? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments. Do you have Personal Navigators from the 2013 sailing? If you do and would be willing to share that would be most excellent!

6 Replies to “Disney Magic to Reprise Role as Host of the Fourth TCM Classic Cruise October 21-26, 2014”

  1. Hannah

    So that’s why we got kicked off this cruise. We would loved to have kept our reservations on this instead of being told we needed to change our plans.

  2. Jenniffer

    Now it makes sense why I couldn’t book this for my daughter’s birthday. Sorry for PP and any others who were affected.

  3. Walt S.

    WOW!!!!!!!! I did not know that could happen……………..That is not fair to the common people. Hannah I feel more sorry for you since you had a reservation. DCL should double your return.

    1. Hannah

      Thanks…they did give us a small discount on another cruise and an on board credit, but we are now not on the ship we wanted, not as long as we wanted and not to the places we wanted. There were a lot of people with reservations on that cruise and it doesn’t seem right. I know I will still have fun but it won’t be the same.

  4. Dawn

    We were on the Magic last December, one of the 4-night cruises out of Miami, and wandered up onto the deck one evening to find the cast members rehearsing. We initially thought it was something that we would see later on our cruise. A few minutes later, when the dance captain said something about the “Robert (Osborne) stand-in” we realized that they were rehearsing a special presentation for the upcoming TCM cruise. It was really cool to get a rare behind-the-scenes look at a dance practice, and also to see the precision and care that went into a one-time performance created for a special occasion. It gave me a new appreciation of how hard everyone on a cruise ship (or in the Parks) works to make it all so magical for the rest of us.

  5. Walt S.

    They took your reservation to double their pocket. I did not know that DCL could take your reservation away from you. I thought your reservation was a contract that had to be honor as long as you did not cancel it. Regardless who is on the ship, no one have the right to take your reservation to give to someone else for any reason. That is called discrimination. It was to your advantage that the dates you picked someone else with great wealth wanted it. Why not share joy. Again I did not know that could happen and yes I feel sorry for you and your family. But enjoy your new cruise. I hope it is a seven day cruise on one their new ships..


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