New Disney Cruise Line Pins – April & May 2014

Disney Theme Park Merchandise provided a preview of a new Disney trading pin that will be released in April and May across the Disney Cruise Line fleet as well as commemorative pin for this May Panama Canal cruise aboard the Disney Wonder.

Disney Cruise Line – Captain Hook

The ever smooth and seaworthy, Captain Hook is featured on an all new pin set to release across the fleet on April 7th. The pin states, You’ll be hooked on quality, clearly a not to the quality and service of a Disney Cruise vacation. There is also a pin on min element which appears to be Hook’s hook.

Release Date: April 7, 2014 • SKU:400008388726 • Retail Price: $9.95

DCL Pin Hooked On The Quality Captain Hook April 2014

Disney Cruise Line – Old Man of the Sea – Grumpy

Grumy, who can be salty & bitter, and strong & stout is featured resting on an anchor schedule for release on April 17th across the fleet. The pin-on-pin element is Grumpy resting on an anchor.  Maybe, after his cruise he will not be so grumpy.

Release Date: April 17, 2014 • SKU:400008388733 • Retail Price: $9.95

DCL Pin Grumpy Old Man Of The Sea April 2014

Disney Cruise Line – Panama Canal – 2014 Disney Wonder

In May, guests sailing aboard the Disney Wonder will have the opportunity to purchase a Panama Cannel pin to commemorate the 2014 sailing. This year’s pin is a limited edition of 2000 that features a photo of the Disney Wonder cruising through the Panama Canal. The graphic element of the pin is framed in gold, but not real gold, well unless you are Tex Richman – he gold plates everything.

The pin’s graphic element mirrors the design of the commemorative t-shirt that can be pre-ordered.

Release Date: May 2, 2014 • SKU:400008388696 • Retail Price: $12.95 • Edition Size: 2000

DCL Pin Panama Canal May 2014

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  1. Bridget Reynolds

    I would love to buy silver Disney cruise earrings. It is the symbol of the cruise with Mickey s head on it!


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