Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers returned to the silver screen this weekend as the 95 year young Captain America in an action packed film that left this moviegoer questioning who is on who’s side for most of the first act. Captain America: The Winter Solder builds on the established Avengers franchise to date, up to and including story lines from this past week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode. It is indeed all connected, and this coming week’s episode should be interesting.

Fans of Samuel L Jackson should really enjoy Nick Fury’s expanded role in Captain America: The Winter Solder which includes an undercover look and exploration of his past. Robert Redford joins the cast this time around as Alexander Pierce, the World Security Council leader who is overseeing the launch of a new ultimate big brother initiative to rid the world of trouble makers before they can make trouble. Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie, soars in the Avengers movie universe as Falcon. Rounding out the list of actors reprising their roles is Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Well, there is one other key character that returns, but I do no want to spoil a key part of the film.

Overall, I really enjoyed Captain America: The Winter Soldier which I saw in 3D. For an action packed movie like Captain America 3D definitely added an extra element of depth. I was a long time 3D holdout, but as of late I’m starting to enjoy movies in 3D that use it to enhance the look and feel of the film rather than a gimmick. On a side note, the latest trailer for Maleficent that was shown looked spectacular in 3D.

The depth of story which results in the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D questioning who is a friend and who is a foe, along with the inclusion of necessary background information helps The Winter Soldier stand on its own without seeing either the Avengers or Captain America. Although The Winter Soldier does do a great job of filling in relevant backstory, I say watch Captain America first and the Avengers first. That is if you have the time, these movies are not short.

If you are a fan of the overall Avengers franchise this goes without saying, stay until the very end. There is not one, but two extra scenes worth hanging around to see. When you see the red Marvel Studios logo fade to black then you can leave the theatre.

Did you see Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend? What did you think?

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  1. Bill B.

    I’m going to wait and watch it on the Fantasy next month. That will make it much easier to wait for the extra scenes you mention at the end. The theatre on the ships (Buena Vista Theatre) remind me of the big theatres I used to go to as a kid.

    Another one I’m looking forward to is Maleficent. I wish it would have come out while we are on our cruise but alas we’re a couple weeks early.

    Sorry but going off topic,
    Scott I could have swore I saw where you said you booked an Alaskan cruise next year. I can’t find where I read that now. We’re booked for the first one on 6/1 (Only one we could afford). I booked us a Navigator Verandah for 2 reasons cost and it also looked like it might be more sheltered from the cold air as we’re moving.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Bill, we did book Alaska, but decided to cancel those plans in favor of the 11-night Norway, Iceland, and Faroe cruise on the Magic. The itinerary was too good to pass up.

      1. Bill B.

        Wow! I’d say that is a good trade off. We’ve talked about doing one of the river cruises in Europe (France or Germany) but that’s as far as we got so far. I’m sure we would enjoy a Mediterranean cruise or the one your doing also. I can’t wait to see that trip report.

  2. Sarah

    I saw Captain America last night. I thought it was fantastic! You don’t have to be a Captain America fan to enjoy the movie. I though the story line was easy to follow. There were extra scenes at the end which set up another Captain America film and one of the previews was for Maleficent. It looked fabulous as well!

  3. Brenda

    I got to watch Cpa new movie three times in Walt Theater while on my Magic cruise this past weekend. You can probably guess I think it is fantastic. The first night was so cool, because Cap came up from under the stage floor and introduced the movie!!!

  4. Amanda

    Can’t wait to see this movie!! It’ll be my daughter’s 1st PG-13 movie (in theaters) we had to make a special exception since she doesn’t turn 13 for another month 🙂


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