Jennifer Hudson Heading Back to Sea with The Carnival LIVE Concert Series

The godmother of the Disney Dream, Jennifer Hudson, will return to sea aboard a cruise ship. However, she will not be rejoining the crew aboard aboard one of the Disney Cruise ships. Today, Carnival Cruise Lines announced their Carnival LIVE Concert Series for 2014 which will bring the best in live music to sea. Carnival revealed that is has nearly 50 performance dates booked for the 2014 concert series including a concert with Jennifer Hudson.

Disney Dream Godmother Jennifer Hudson

Hudson was in New York City today for Carnival Cruise Lines’ announcement. During the reveal, Hudson, mentioned she “used to work on a cruise ship, a long time ago” and is “excited to be part of this unique concert series that will allow her to interact with her fans in a memorable and intimate setting.”

These concerts will be an additional charge with standard tickets ranging from $20-40. VIP tickets ranging  from $100-150 will guarantee a great seat to the performance, a VIP pass, and an exclusive meet and greet opportunity with the performers.

Just a few years ago Jennifer Hudson was on hand to christen the Disney Dream in Port Canaveral.

Before, she was famous she was entertaining guests aboard the Disney Wonder. Here is a video we found on YouTube of Hudson performing at the 2003 Crew Awards.

Jennifer Hudson will play two concerts on back to back nights in Cozumel, Mexico. The concert on June 14th will be aboard the Carnival Breeze and the 15th aboard the Carnival Esctacy.

My initial reaction was wait… WHAT?!?! The godmother of the Disney Dream is partnering with a competing cruise line!!! Sure, it may seem odd to see Jennifer Hudson promoting a concert series for Carnival Cruise Lines, but it is no different then if she were promoting a concert tour on land. Its show business. What did you think about this new partnership?

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  1. Roy G. Lakatos

    Jennifer Hudson isn’t that great of an act anyway. A concert series would be a fantastic idea for Disney, but they should get acts that people would surely be interested in seeing…..I don’t know anyone who likes Jennifer Hudson.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Susan Egan has previously performed aboard the ships, as well as a special performance by Jodi Benson during podcast cruise. The idea of a Disney centric concert series does sound appealing.

  2. Ana

    Jennifer’s star is dimming. Weight Watchers all but dumped her, and now she jumps ship to… Carnival!!! No big loss, only a poor choice of godmother for the best ship in the fleet. The Dream deserved better. Oh well…

  3. Dennis

    I never realized people could be so petty and unpleasant on these boards.

    Jennifer Hudson, who has won an Oscar as well as a Grammy, is still a top talent. No doubt her agent and lawyers cleared this before moving forward on what is essentially a ‘limited engagement’ with just two performances on two vessels this coming June, This is what performers do.

    She’s going to sing on Carnival ships, she’s not Carnival’s new spokesperson and she was never signed to be exclusive to Disney or Disney Cruise Line.

    1. Lysandra M

      I completely agree with you Dennis. I bet if she signed with Disney if they came up with this idea first it would a different story. I’m not a Hollywood superstar fan but I do appreciate good actors and performances, and she is very talented. Wouldn’t mind a live show from a grammy winner aboard a cruise one bit.

      Thank you Mr. Sanders for these great posts!


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