Sneak Peek into the Transformation of the Adult Entertainment District on the Reimagined Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line released their first behind the scenes video of the transformation of the Disney Magic today.  In today’s video, Lysa Migliorati showcases the changes to Beat Street, which has been transformed into the all new adult entertainment district, After Hours.  The majority of the video highlights O’Gills, which had been Diversions for the past 10 years.  Lysa shares that O’Gills was inspired by the Disney legend of O’Gills in which a fish meets a leprechaun, and gains the ability to speak & sing.

Diversions to O’Gills

The division between the open area and the seating area by the portholes remain with new Irish pub inspired stained glass dividers between each porthole.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Diversions Portholes

The booths in the back of O’Gills (technically forward) remain.  Hopefully, the board games will remain as well.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Diversions Booths
Disney Magic Dry Dock Diversions Bar

The open area near the bar maintains the same floor plan which was always a great place to sit, drink a beer, and watch a football game.

Rockin’ Bar D to Fathoms

While the video focuses mostly on O’Gills we do get to see a glimpse inside Fathoms with the under the water effect lighting being installed.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Fathoms
Disney Magic Refurb After Hours Fathoms Alternate

Sessions to Key’s

Key’s is referenced in the video, but only the renderings were shown.

Reimagineering the Disney Magic: Behind-the-scenes of the Transformation

Bonus Sneak Peeks

If you watched the exclusive sneak peak from USA Today’s Gene Sloan late last week (part 1, part 2, and part 3) some of the same b-role from those videos are included in today’s video.  Regardless, it does provide a few new angles of the atrium chandelier, the new lighting effects in Animator’s Palate, the backside of the AquaDunk, and the work on the pool decks.

As a extra bonus, we spotted a photo of the transformed retail space Mickey’s Mainsail, formerly Mickey’s Mates.  The retail spaces appear to have been renamed in line with the shops on the Dream & Fantasy to Mickey’s Mainsail and White Caps according to the new Disney Magic deck plan.

Disney Magic Dry Dock Retail Mickeys Mainsail

According to the article on the Disney Park’s Blog we should be seeing a behind the scenes look at the kids clubs tomorrow.

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  1. Bill B.

    If you looked at the Atlantic radar it looks like it has been one rough rainy ride home for the crew. Hopefully they got most of the topside work done before they left “DRY” dock. Hopefully they have a warm welcome waiting on them and I’m sure they will. I would say the first to cruise on this reimagined Magic are in for a real treat.


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