The Disney Magic Returns Home to Port Canaveral to Finish Her Transformation

The Disney Magic returned to Port Canaveral around the lunch hour under beautiful clear Florida skies following her transatlantic crossing.  The Disney Magic left dry dock on October 10th where many contractors remained onboard to complete unfinished tasks.  Following a stop in Funchal, the Magic set off on a 6 day transatlantic crossing where she encountered weather conditions that  hampered the contractors ability to complete the finishing touches in time for the first Miami sailing, which was canceled yesterday afternoon.  The following are screenshots from the awesome Port Canaveral Webcam.

Disney Magic Return To Port Canaveral
Disney Magic Return To Port Canaveral Jetty Park

As the Disney Magic sailed past Jetty Park she played her iconic When You Wish Upon a Star horn (the horn sounded the same).  Cast & Crew along with contractors were on deck as she made her way into port.

Disney Magic Return To Port Canaveral Crew
Disney Magic Return To Port Canaveral Twist N Spout

A fresh coat of paint really does wonders for a ship with the white and yellow really popping the afternoon Florida sun!  Another glimpse of the AquaDunk reaffirms that it is translucent blue and not clear.

A great view of the Disney Magic’s new ducktail.

Here you can see the modification to the deck 7 aft verandah.

Disney Magic Return To Port Canaveral Aft Verandahs
Disney Magic Return To Port Canaveral Stern Character Goofy

Goofy’s brief break is over and he is back at work putting the finishing touches on the Disney Magic logo on the stern.

Disney Magic Return To Port Canaveral Turning Basin

Once the Disney Magic was finally at home, tied up at the Disney Cruise Line terminal she once again sounded her When You Wish Upon a Star horn to signal the completion of an epic journey that started over a month ago!

Although she is home, there is still work to be done. The Disney Magic will remain at Port Canaveral for the next week while the remainder of the work is finished. The Disney Fantasy is due in tomorrow and the Disney Dream Sunday which will result in the Disney Magic moving elsewhere at Port Canaveral, presumably near Jetty Park.

The Disney Magic will leave Port Canaveral in time for her 2-Night sailing from Miami which will be her first official post-dry dock cruise with passengers. The Disney Magic is expected to arrive at PortMiami around 7 AM on October 25th. We will be in Miami starting Thursday, and on the Disney Magic’s first two sailing to cover her re-launch.  As an extra bonus, make sure to follow us on Twitter for the some live tweeting Sunday from the Disney Dream where we are sure to get some great views of the Disney Magic as we sail away.

22 Replies to “The Disney Magic Returns Home to Port Canaveral to Finish Her Transformation”

  1. Kristin P.

    Any rumors out there that the 10/25 sailing is going to be cancelled? We are on the 11/1 sailing, so I think we should be okay, but with the last minute cancellation of the 10/20 sailing you would think that cruisers on the 10/25 sailing would be nervous. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for everyone on the 10/25 sailing that the Magic sails! I’m also interested to hear what wasn’t finished in time so that DCL had to cancel the 10/20 sailing…any news on that?

  2. Bill B.

    It didn’t take them long to get one of the 2 large cranes going did it? I’m curious what they will be used for since I would have thought most of the topside stuff would have been done under the large gantry crane in dry dock. Then again I guess they could be using this type just because of the shear height they have to reach to get to topside to remove any remaining material/equipment left over. The paint job looked great as it went by didn’t it. I bet it looks even better in person. With that new duck tail I wonder if they will be offering water skiing for the more adventurous passengers… 🙂

    Have a great time as I’m sure you will

  3. Diana

    These are great pictures. Thank you for sharing. I was “suppose” to sail on her on the 20th but we know how that turned out. I was very fortunate enough though to get on the Oct. 27th sailing, so I am very much looking forward to that and just feeling blessed that it all worked out.

  4. Frank H

    It was great to see her coming in in the light of day. I have watched her come in very early in the morning as she usually does. This seemed more exciting!

  5. Pam

    Hey Scott, In these pictures it looks as if the “secret” public deck on Deck 7 Aft has been redistributed into larger verandahs for the two adjoining staterooms. Is that correct? Somehow I missed that in all the refurbishment details. I enjoyed that space, but can certainly understand why it may have been changed.

  6. Arthur Houston

    On Sat at 1:20 am the Magic was moved to dock on South side of DCL terminal. This the one the of the Sea co uses. “It started with a mouse” keeps saying they are going to sea for a while and will be back am. Looks like crains have been set up on that dock. Do not know if they have ship coming in today.

  7. Arthur Houston

    Magic is parked at RCCL dock. The rumor factory is running full speed ahead. Reference was to RCCL do not know if they have ship comming in Sunday. I am sure Magic will move back to DCL dock after D Dream leaves. It’s costing DCL money to park ship anywere in port. That is how they make money to pay for terminal they built of DCL and other cruise lines.

  8. Rae

    What changes were made to the Deck 7 deck? My parents have 7138 coming up, and it’s adjacent to that public space. Thanks.

  9. Marilyn Johnson

    A post on facebook alluded to damage (including damage which could affect the integrity of the hull) today to the Magic due to contractors’ carelessness. Any word on the damage and if it will further delay getting the Magic back in service? We are scheduled to sail November 1st and am getting understandably nervous.

  10. Ms. Kerr

    Can anyone please advise if the Disney Wonder has been remodeled? I’m scheduled to travel on the Disney Wonder in Dec and am anxious to know if the ship has been recently remodeled.

    1. Arthur Houston

      Wonder has a dry dock two weeks in Jan. For repairs. It has been suggested from passengers on board at the end of Alaska Cruises their was a fier in engine room and a generator burned up. This dry dock is to fix that and do required inspections early. The big remodel on Wonder will not happen untill third channel on Panama Canal is finished. Magic remodel included a change to aft section of ship that added additional footage that makes it to long to get into the current locks. So DCL only has one ship that will fit in the locks and that is the Wonder.

    1. Arthur Houston

      We had connecting stateroom in Feb on Magic. 7 deck. Very Nice. it is two steel doors between varenda staterooms. If you get them bring bungie cord to hold door open it will hook on railing on top of dresser.

  11. Arthur Houston

    Off Topic noticed the Aidaluna leaving PC at 2:25 today. Did not notice her earlier in the day. Let turned South. Was this a schedualed stop or Passenger Emergency?
    They tied up were the Magic was yesterday. Front by Jetty Park.


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