Disney Magic from the Deck of the Disney Dream

On Sunday, October 20th the Disney Dream set sail on a 4-Night Bahamian cruise from Port Canaveral while the Disney Magic was berthed near Jetty Park behind schedule.  The Disney Magic was originally set to relaunch in Miami on Sunday, but due to some issues that sailing was canceled a just three days prior.

On this evening, the weather could not have been any better for a unique meet up for the Disney Magic and the Disney Dream as we sailed out of Port Canaveral.  There was early speculation that Captain America would make an appearance on deck of the Disney Magic as we sailed by, but this rumor was quickly scuttled by our Cruise Director Christiaan.  Instead we would be treated with what some may consider a horn battle, I am calling it a concert.  The Disney Magic and Disney Dream did not battle, they put on a concert for all in attendance either onlookers on land, crew on the Magic or those sailing on the Dream.  The concert began with each ship sounding a few blasts of their air horns.  The Magic led off with When You Wish Upon a Star which was echoed by the Dream.  The Dream followed with A Dream is a Wish, Be Our Guest, Actors Life for Me, it’s a small world and (Yo Ho, Yo Ho) A Pirate’s Life.  The one hit wonder Disney Magic took over with her classic When You Wish which was followed up by the Disney Dream playing Makes No Difference Who You Are!

For those who want to call it a horn battle, that is fine.  However, in my opinion it was a one sided affair with the classic horn of the Disney Magic putting her younger sister, the Disney Dream in her place with her fancy tunes.  This is why I am calling the exchange a concert rather than a horn battle.

I was simultaneously shooting still to go with the video so I do apologize for the sometimes shakiness of the video and the camera clicks in the background and the strong wind was uncontrollable with my positioning on deck 13 forward of the Disney Dream.  Regardless, I hope the following photos of the reimagined Disney Magic make up for these minor inconveniences.

While the Dream with still in the terminal we could see in the Disney Magic in the distance.

Hello Disney Magic! Your Sister, Disney Dream

After we dropped lines and began to make our way down the channel the Disney Magic’s new features started to come into view. A good number of the guests sailing on the Disney Dream found a place on the starboard side to get a glimpse of the Disney Magic.

Disney Magic From Deck 13 FWD Disney Dream
Disney Magic In Port Canaveral
Disney Magic And Freedom Of The Seas From The Disney Dream

The new ducktail does not stick out from afar, but it is noticeable in the Magic’ new side profile.

Disney Magic Twist N Spout To Ducktail Port Canaveral
Disney Magic Ducktail Closeup
Disney Magic Portside Aft Port Canaveral
Disney Magic Aft Ducktail Port Canaveral
Disney Magic AquaDunk Twist N Spout Port Canaveral
Disney Magic Aft Verandahs Ducktail Port Canaveral

The aft decks have been a major discussion point with one of the best spots gone, the often forgotten deck 7 aft.

Disney Magic Aft Verandahs Closeup Port Canaveral
Disney Magic Aft Decks

The Twist N Spout waterslide was the first new upper deck addition we past and if you look close you can see some of the AquaLab through the glass.

Disney Magic Twist N Spout Port Canaveral

The AquaDunk is calling my name in this photo.  What do you think about the translucent blue?

Disney Magic AquaDunk Port Canaveral
Disney Magic AquaDunk Launch Port Canaveral

As we continued we can see the new verandah dividers are in place akin to the Dream class ships where they can be opened to extend verandahs for guests sailing together in adjoining staterooms.

Disney Magic Crew Pool Port Canaveral
Disney Magic Port Name Plate Port Canaveral

Many of the crew were out on deck including a strong contingent of the Youth Activities cast who were up on the bow near the crew only area.

Disney Magic Crew Pool Youth Activies Staff Port Canaveral

Overall, the classic appearance of the Disney Magic remains.  The AquaDunk does not stick out like a sore thumb and as you sail further away the overhang begins to be less noticeable.

Disney Magic's New Look Port Canaveral
Disney Magic Disney Dream Sail Away Port Canaveral
Disney Magic Crew Pool Sorcerer Mickey Port Canaveral
Disney Magic & Disney Dream Port Canaveral

The one noticeable difference is that the upper portion of the hull is all white.  Previously, the four vents (at least I think they are vents) were painted black.

Sea ya real soon Disney Magic.

33 Replies to “Disney Magic from the Deck of the Disney Dream”

  1. Marilyn Johnson

    Wanted to listen to the “horn concert” but when I tried to play it, it said “this video is marked private.” 🙁

  2. Nancy

    Is there still a small public deck on Deck 8? It looks like there are a handful of people standing out there? Or is that a private verandah? Thanks.

  3. Dennis

    Looks like the Hidden Mickey on the bow is gone. It appears to be completely white (at least the anchor is still there). Also sad to see Deck 7 aft enclosed. We were on the Wonder this past summer and it was always one of the best spots to go to for some great pictures and to just enjoy the view.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the changes but I suspect that I’m going to miss some of what has been replaced.

  4. Ana

    Scott, thanks for the video and pics. I sooo want to go on the Magic now! I have gone on the other three, but I do not have chance to visit with her till next summer. Oh well… the Dream awaits for New Year’s!

  5. Adam

    I was on this cruise and am Actually in one of the pictures with the magic, I agree the horns were great and the pictures turned out even better

  6. Terri Williams

    That was sooo Awesome! Thank You Scott. I really want to go on another Disney cruise, yet our first cruise was on the Fantasy. Will be glad to take a trip to Alaska on the new Magic if we can. Your pictures and video are Great!

      1. Beerman42

        Magic cannot pass though Panama Canal now that Duck Tail has been added. Will have to wait until the third set of locks is put into servic before it can get back to pacific.

  7. Abby Laura

    Now that you’ve been on the re-imagined Magic, are you actually able to see the ocean through the blue part of the AquaDunk or is it like it might as well be solid colored? I hope you’re actually able to tell that you’re going over the ocean.


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