Disney Cruise Line Updates Smoking Policy Prohibiting Smoking on Stateroom Verandahs

Disney Cruise Line revised their smoking policy today. Effective November 15, 2013, smoking will be prohibited on all stateroom verandahs. Disney Cruise Line sent notification emails to guests with future reservations that smoking will no longer be permitted by the time they cruise.

As you may be aware, our ships are primarily designated as non-smoking ships. However, we recognized that some Guests smoke and strive to make a comfortable and enjoyable environment for all of our Guests.

From time to time, we make adjustments to our operation based on Guest feedback and are making a change to our smoking policy. While Guests have never been permitted to smoke in their staterooms, effective November 15, 2013, Guests will no longer be permitted to smoke on stateroom verandahs. Each ship will continue to offer open-air public spaces designated as smoking areas.

Below is the copy of the email we received just a few minutes ago from Disney Cruise Line.

DCL Smoking Policy Email

Disney Cruise Line has never allowed smoking in guest staterooms. Now, in an effort to provide a cruise experience that satisfies both our non-smoking and smoking guests, smoking (including the use of electronic cigarettes) is only permitted in designated areas of the ship.

On the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, smoking is permitted on:

  • Outdoors on Deck 4 starboard side from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. only
  • The starboard side open-air decks 9 and 10 (excluding the Mickey Pool area).

On the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, smoking is permitted on:

  • Deck 4 port side, aft, the outside Promenade Deck from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  • Deck 12 port side, aft, the outdoor area that is accessible through the Meridian Lounge
  • Deck 13 port side, forward, by Currents Bar

Guests who are found smoking in their staterooms or on their verandahs will be charged a $250 stateroom recovery fee. This fee covers deep cleaning that includes air filter replacement, carpet extraction and the cleaning and replacement of drapes, comforters, blankets and pillows, along with verandah cleaning and maintenance.

UPDATE | Disney Cruise Line has not been the only cruise line to recently alter smoking policies.  All within a matter weeks Cunard, MSC, P&O, Royal Caribbean, and Seaborn have modified their smoking policies.

What do you think of Disney Cruise Line’s new smoking policy?

135 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Updates Smoking Policy Prohibiting Smoking on Stateroom Verandahs”

    1. Rudyboy

      Hi All,
      I’m not a cigarette smoker but from time to time, I enjoy a good cigar. Is there any secluded areas where I might enjoy a cigar on board any of the ships?

  1. Rinaldo

    Well, i hope you are ready for my reaction 😉

    Before i start, don’t take all to serious 😉

    First of all, they say they are making an “adjustment” based on guests feedback.
    So why is there a $250 charge for guest found smoking on their verandah. (“This fee covers deep cleaning that includes air filter replacement, carpet extraction and the cleaning and replacement of drapes, comforters, blankets and pillows, along with verandah cleaning and maintenance”)
    It seems to me Disney found another way to make some cash as surely some smoking guests will light up one on their verandah.
    And how can Disney check this ?…. Oh, right, they are counting on other NOT smoking guests to betray them.
    This will enhance the “Good Disney Happy Happy Joy Joy” feeling onboard the ship.
    It will take about 2 days before smokers will kick non smokers their teeth in 😉 when they find out that their neighbors betrayed them.
    Seems to me, Disney will hire some extra security guys to keep the peace on board of the ship.

    And what’s the problem with electronic sigarets. There are two types.
    one that are based on water and NOT nicotine nor tar. So it’s like mist. (water vapor)
    Plus it will not polute the air filter, carpet and so on… Especialy when used only on the verandah.
    And there is also a variant with nicotine.
    Can Disney check what type you are smoking ? No.
    So it’s easier to forbid all, even if you are a “healthy” smoker that only breathes in water vapor with a cherry taste.

    Coming to my last point, the “what if”…
    What if a smoking guest booked a Disney cruise with especialy a verandah so he or she could sometimes have their smoke on the verandah.
    And let’s say, they set sail november 16th… (you have to pay 3 months in advance of your trip so you have to pay, what’s due, this week )
    Bummer, you can cancel or set sail , but leave your smokers at home.
    Yes, you will get a refund i believe, but who cares, your holiday is ruined.
    The holiday you worked so hard for.
    What a big disappointment when you are living up to this cruise in november and this news drops into your mail, and you are plating with the thoughts to cancel.
    Sadly Disney do not say anything about that in their statement. About your (grand)kids you have to disappoint when you take them on a holiday.
    Okay, and then you do not cancel. You wanna smoke, so you can carry everyone around to the smoking section which are miles from your room.
    (And, yes, it’s easy for no-smokers to say:” well, then you don’t smoke” They do not know what they are talking about and cannot say anything about that)

    I think (as a former smoker ) that smokers are treated more and more like pariahs. And it’s a shame that even Disney (one of the more expensive cruise liners) think so easy about this.
    Yes we booked a cruise for next year, and no we don’t smoke anymore, but i think Disney could have thought about a better solution for this, then with what they came up with now.
    And yes, i can imagine that this is another step for people to not cruise with Disney anymore, and so prices ( that are allready high enough) will rise, as less people will choose Disney.

    Smokers will go to more affordable cruise lines who understand that some people smoke and some don’t.
    They (will) take other precautions to solve this like for example reserve rooms on the aft. only for smokers
    ( smoke allways goes to the back of the ship when it sails forward, that’s not rocket science )
    And yes, smoking only on the verandah, as inside the room is dirty and dangerous.
    And hey, i think even non-smokers will book on the aft., just as long as there is stated you are in the smoking area of the ship and you maybe, just maybe, could see and smell an extra cloud on the outside of the ship.

    On the other side…
    So, non smoking guests complained about smoking guests on the verandah next to them or even 5 cabins away from them.
    Well, how about; i’m sitting on my verandah reading a book, and suddenly i smell that my neighbour has farted ?
    I will not breath in his gass ( like he don’t want to breath in my exhaled smoke from a sigaret)
    So Disney, in your new statement we will expect that’s it’s forbidden to fart inside your room, on the verandah, in either of the restaurants, in the theater, in the shops, nor in the cafe’s or bars.
    Special locations will be made on board where you can fart all you want, with fellow-farters.
    Oh, and if you get caught farting anywhere else… $250 fee, for something that cost originaly about $30.
    And why ? Because not only is a fart highly flammable (methane, but also contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide), it’s also obnoxious and rude to let someone else breath in your gass.
    And i you see what some guests are eating on board it’s likely they fart more: beans, cabbage, cheese, soda, and eggs in the morning… causes very smelly farts.
    But hey” We are Disney, and we can do that. And if you don’t like it… your problem, not ours”

    A sudden idea: Dear Disney, Lower your prices for smokers, as you are decreasing the fun for them.
    And increase the prices for non-smokers as you can advertise now that your cruises are becoming healthier and healthier for them. But there is a price to pay for that.

    Only time will tell how this anti-smoking campagne will affect Disney cruise lines.

    Again: Don’t take all of the above to serious.

    1. Dug

      Thugs will go to jail if they start acting like a fool and start kicking peoples teeth!! out! Increase the prices for smokers so the cruise line can advertise how smoking is not healthy, inconsiderate, disrespectful, disgusting and a nasty, stinking addiction!! Show a video of people dying from lung cancer and a picture of smokers black lungs. Smoking is not cool anymore!! Grow up !!!

    2. Jerry newberry

      Excellent!!!! More intrusion into our rights! I am on a Disney cruise now and a nasty, nasty lady next door yelled quit smoking! Lol
      I was on this same cruise 2 years ago and smoking on my 5000.00 verandah room was allowed! I actually did not know this policy had changed… So for pure principal I will not cruise Disney again! Actually on our third day of the cruise and really not impressed with food or service. If you have been in one they change nothing so… Adios Disney!

  2. Donna

    I’m cruising in December and have not received any notice from Disney. Shorts in the dining room, no smoking on my very expensive verandah. Yikes! What’s next Disney?

  3. Mike

    The only reason we no longer book a verandah was due to the smokers on either side of us! No matter which way the wind blew (even while sitting in port) we got the second hand smoke!
    Thanks Disney!

    1. Dug

      This is why the cruise lines have this new smoking policy. Smokers could care less about their neighbors. They are inconsiderate, disrespectful, and disgusting! Smoking is a stinking nasty addiction. Not very cool anymore. Smokers should grow up and be educated on tobacco!

      1. Liz

        Don’t say all smokers. I am very considerate of the people around me. You are disgusting, repulsive and disrespectful.

        1. Dug

          Smokers are not considerate or respectful! Yes, I am repulsive! This is why non smokers won and you smokers loss! You smokers have a disgusting, filthy nasty addiction! Smoking is not cool anymore! Be more educated and quit smoking so you won’t be so disrespectful and inconsiderate of others!

      2. Ann Hildebrandt

        Not all smokers are inconsiderate or disrespectful. Most smokers are educated on tobacco and know its harmful effects… and you are right it is an addiction. So pull back the indignant rant a tad. Unless someone is chain smoking non stop on an open air space right next too… cut them some slack. Everyone should be able to enjoy their vacation. And for your information I am not a smoker.

      3. chris

        May be you should stop judging! We not hurting nobody. You do the own the space or the earth!!! You have a choice walk the other way! And for you saying to us smokers like you know, stop eating because you are probably fat and Un healthy anyway so what’s the difference you dummy!!!

      4. Jeff

        Oh wait….smoking is not cool any more? I was never informed. Now I am….thank you so much Dug. I’m off to school to get educated on the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Thanks for the eye opener. Perhaps i will go to Charm school while I am at it to correct my “Inconsiderate, disrespectful and disgusting” ways. Wow Dug.. you are a scholar at make general statements about a people. Maybe while I am at school I will see if they have any classes on how to be a closed mined, negative, charming person such as yourself. There are many people on this planet Dug. You cant go grouping people together into one general opinion based on your own personal experiences. Or…actually…you can do that all you want. (Again I guess they will teach me that at the school of Dug).. Enjoy that “small world” you create for yourself free from smokers and every other trait or addiction you so openly judge on what Im sure is a long list of closed minded negativity. Have fun with that.

      5. Jerry

        Eat your fatty [butt] bacon, and any other unhealthy habit you may have that makes us sick to watch you eat!
        Leave people the hell alone be stay out of their business! This PC and trampling continuously on the rights of others is BS!
        I don’t like cigars but I sure wouldn’t whine about someone who wants to smoke!!!

          1. sml

            Smokers have a mental issue. I have heart and asthma because of smokers. You are paying for my cruise because thanks to smokers I am on permanent disability. Next time smokers are at work with a boss they hate, I get to sit at home all day long and do anything i want because of smokers. Next time you light up, think of how much you want to be paying me 4000 a month to do nothing all day long.

      6. Chris

        And YOU should be educated on “does not play well wtih others”… I can almost guarantee YOU do SOMETHING that is not “accepted” in society as politically correct… over eat??? overindulge in drinking? diet drinks? considerate smokers do exist… and to be so critical of something you obvious know NOTHING about repulses me… YOU grow up and stop “bullying” others that don’t think or agree with you…

      7. Jeff Goon

        its not about being educated you ass hat. its about being respectful of others. I am a smoker and yes it does suck not being able to smoke on my verandah but I can be respectful enough to go to the designated areas. If I chose to smoke and get cancer then its my choice not yours so keep your thoughts to your self before you say something to someone and they actually do something about your ignorant and intrusive comments.

  4. Heath

    Love the new policy! Smoking neighbors can ruin a vacation and the price you pay for a verandah. It’s about time!

  5. Mikki

    I love it!!!!
    I am not a smoker….have friends & family that smoke and cannot stand it.
    The smoke from a cigarette is harmful to everyone….if you are on your verandah…at sea or not,
    The smoke is still going to one side or the other or up or below…..well if I have
    Chosen not to smoke and get lung cancer then why do I still always have to risk
    Lung cancer from smokers who say it is their right to smoke. Well whatever…..you want to
    That is fine, but I chose not to and I do not want to increase my chances with second hand smoke.

    As someone above said….if the verandah next to them someone “farted” and he did not want
    To smell it then that should be banned too.
    You cannot die from someone passing gas, inhaling second hand smoke can kill you.
    Who in the heck cares about the “smell” of a cigarette or cigar…..I am concerned about
    What that smoke is doing to my lungs!!!!

    Good Job Disney!!!!!! Soooo happy!!!!

    1. Dug

      I challenge Rinaldo to fart as long as it takes a smoker to smoke a cigarette or cigar! This is another perfect example of a smoker that can’t stay on the same page. Smokers have a nasty addiction and they don’t have the will power to kick the nasty sticking habit so they think it’s okay to pass the smoke to others!

  6. Shoffman

    This is awesome! We quit getting verandas years ago because the experience was very negative due to smokers. This will cost me more money, but I will be happy to pay it. Now we are just one step from an all out ban on smoking on DCL ships

  7. Lisa

    Fantastic. Smoking is a privilege, not a right. Smokers also have no right to ruin my vacation with their cancer-provoking habit. Way to go DCL!

  8. Rinaldo

    To all who are afraid of getting lung cancer because their neighbors are smokers on the verandah,

    I understand the concerns about your lungs, but hey, ever wondered what is coming out of your own car ?
    And i mean, Americans love their cars and like to take their car everywhere ? What do you think you are breathing in all day ?
    Ever tried to find a bicycle “road” or section in orlando ?
    Good luck.
    NO, we take are v12 Chevy pick up to the Publix where we buy coal for the barbecue so we can smoke our smoking neighbours out of their house.
    Going to work in the car ? Everyone in 1 car as we like our space bubble. And don’t even think about “car pooling to work, as we want to be independent.

    And do you think the Disney boat a sailing ship ?
    What do you think it will blow up in the sky when you are on your SMOKE FREE verandah, will you are on your cruise, after you flew in, in a Boeing
    Just a small hint:
    Disney Dream installed power: 3 x 12-cylinder & 2 x 14-cylinder MAN V48/60CR diesel engines
    Don’t think there are coming pink fluffy clouds out of these 3 engines. However, it’s Disney so you never know.

    And ever been to a Disney park ? Why are the trams ( bringing you from the parking lot to the entrance) still running on Diesel.
    It would not be the first time when you are sitting in the tram or walking to the entrance and the tram gets by, and thank god you are there because you are almost vomiting from the diesel exhaust fumes.
    Don’t get me wrong, i’m a number one Disney fan, but this is a bit of a false “do good action” from Disney.
    Okay, the fireworks on board are made of seaweed….
    Well, that takes away Disney’s ecological footprint !

    And while we are at it, was it also the NON smokers who had the idea of running around in the restaurants at night in shorts or in jeans?
    Was this also a “demand” of the non smokers ?
    What’s next, runing around naked so you can fill up your lungs with clean, non smoked air !?
    And why this change ? Because smokers are wearing normal long decent trousers to have dinner ? (as it should be)
    So, the Disney prices are getting higher, but the standards are going down.

    Just saying, we are also non-smokers, but it’s so easy to stay short sighted on this issue, and only ramble along about your lungs.
    Your ecological footprint me be much bigger then your smoking neighbor on the cruise, who in worst case only smokes a cigaret on the verandah -> 1 in the morning and1 in the evening.
    As for lunch they can use the designated area which is closer to “the cabanas”.

    All in all, think about the above before starting to scream about your lungs.
    (Thank god you still can scream, that means your lungs are ok)

    No, Disney has made a short sighted decision on this.

    1. Ryan

      I think most people are annoyed by the smell. I don’t smoke but am not bothered by open air smoke, others though are repulsed. Also on the shorts issue, I prefer to dress in cruise casual throughout my entire cruise (no denim, collared shirts, and slacks in the evening) but I do not begrudge anyone who does not but other may not and that is ok, it does not ruin my fun. Chill maybe.

  9. Deb

    I agree Donna, especially paying more to have the veranda and releasing this info after this cruise is booked. This private charter should be able to designate suites with verandas for smokers. I guess I need to start whining too about annoyances (and everyone has them and some bigger than smoking) that we all at times have to endure with large gatherings. Does this mean if I air a particular annoyance, I would be able to get a policy established that I am comfortable with? $$$$$ out of my pocket too. I should be able in my quarters to enjoy my pleasures too whether its smoking, drinking, partying, eating, etc…. and the list can keep going. Thank you Scott for your blog! I appreciate you giving us updates and keeping us in the loop about the upcoming TMC cruise. it would be good also to hear from people who were on the first and second TMC cruises about their experiences. Your blog seems to be the place to go to share about TMC cruises. Is this accurate or are there others? Thanks again and look forward to reading more.

  10. Gina

    I’m VERY happy about this! We cruise Nov 16 and have a verandah. I was worried that I might be trying to enjoy the air and view only to have it ruined by smelling a neighbor’s disgusting cigarette or cigar smoke. Thank you Disney!!!

  11. Marion

    Just a suggestion for either camp: If you wish to air grievances or kudos, you may wish to complete the form at the link below. Disney Cruise Line reads every message which comes through, and you will be heard. It’s often a far better resource than venting to people who cannot make changes. People vote with their wallets, and contact forms.


    1. Dug

      You have to tell people that are not very educated the reason cruise lines are working on being tobacco free. Smokers think smoking is cool! Their lungs don’t think so! Non smokers don’t think so. Smokers never wonder why! Smokers could care less if smoking is a inconsiderate, disgusting, provoking habit and a filthy nasty addiction! This is a way to air grievances or kudos so smokers can be vented that cannot make changes!

  12. erin farber

    As current smoker, I am shocked at this decision. One of the moments I enjoy most, is having a cigarette with my coffee in the morning while sitting out on the verandah. I may be in the minority here, but if I ever walk out on my verandah and there is any guest on either side of me on their verandah, I wait until they go inside. Common sense. I think Disney will lose many passengers over this decision. I am disappointed.

    Why not designate a few room front, aft and middle in a cluster; as rooms that allow smoking on the verandah?? That way, those cruisers that are bothered by any smoke can choose different rooms out of that cluster. There are also many non- smokers that don’t have a problem with the smoking on the verandahs, they too, would be able to book these smoking allowed balcony rooms. To alienate all smokers from smoking on their verandah is a very bold move that will ultimately fail and cause many smokers to cruise elsewhere. Why take that chance Disney? There are alternatives that are not nearly as harsh.

  13. joe dayon

    I wasn’t even going to reply, just cancel my booked cruise. I can’t even begin to express the things that bother me on a cruise line. First off we pay the same amount for a verandah as everyone else. I am not a drinker so should we stop serving alcohol? No!!! We should not even when my neighbors come back to there room after having a few to many AND SIT ON THERE BALCONY LAUGHING AND MAKING NOISE HALF THE NIGHT. How about those children???? On the balcony screaming and yelling while I am trying to read a book, or my favorite the kids at the adult pool with there non smoking parents, you know the ones they are called the rude people or special people. What about the people that are near the designated smoking area when all the smokers are enjoying a smoke? Is that next to go or are the cameras in the stateroom going to be installed first? I try to not smoke when non smokers are around but THIS IS AMERICA AND I ALSO HAVE RIGHTS. Are you going to do something about all the people sniffling, sneezing and coughing all over the elevators and dining areas? The ship travels at a decent speed and a cigarette is hard to light on a balcony because its so windy, so I do not think your going to get Lung Cancer on your next cruise. I think the problem here is people whine to much they think changing the rules is OK as long as its not there rules. I am sorry we have to part ways Disney but you get to have a smoke free ship and also you heard it here first that they will find something else to COMPLAIN ABOUT.
    [edited to remove a personal attack against another commenter]

  14. Mikki

    Whatever!!!! I am so sick of everyone……..Smokers/Non-Smokers…..Drinkers/Non-Drinkers…….Shorts/Dress Pants…..Conceirge/Regular rooms…..people are getting ridiculous in this world……..everyone gets yelled at anymore sharing their opinion unless it is the opinion of one groups. All the smokers are now threatening and actually cancelling their cruises, if the non-smokers would have done this we would have been called a zillion names…….. This whole thing is ridiculous!!!

  15. Susan

    My DH likes to buy a cigar on the ship. He enjoys smoking it with a glass of wine in the privacy of our verandah. That treat is gone now?

  16. Janet

    Selfishly, I like it. I have to say, though, that we have always reserved a verandah room and maybe we’ve just been lucky (only three cruises under our belt), but the smoke has never really been a problem. You smell it occasionally, but it usually just drifts off with the breeze. My son has asthma and he’s never had an issue, even though its usually a trigger for him.

    I do feel bad for the smokers that forked out all the cash for a verandah thinking they could smoke, only to be told no now. But like I said, selfishly, I’m happy about it.

  17. JimGa

    Thanks for the link Marion, I just sent DCL a message thanking them for issuing ths no smoking policy. I love this new policy!! as well as my wife and kids!

    1. Marion

      You are welcome, Jim. Disney Cruise Line listens to feedback and concerns on policy changes very seriously. I would expect to see possible policy changes based on overall Guest feedback, or if they saw a dramatic decline in numbers.

  18. JoBe

    Thanks!!! On our last cruise, the guy on the verandah below us was smoking cigars – as a result, we could never sit on the verandah or leave or door open to let in the ocean air.
    Now move the smoking area on the Wonder on Deck 9, away from the door that leads into the Fitness area and you’ll have covered everything.

  19. Mimi

    While I am a non-smoker and can appreciate not having to occaisionally smell the cigarettes/cigars (or something else???) from neighbors, I think the way this was implemented was wrong. Too many smokers have already spent a ton of money on a verhanda cabin only to be told “too bad for you…. smoke elsewhere now!” Perhpas this new policy should have been implemented as new cruise sailings opened up. At that point, smokers would have been completely informed and could have chosed a different category stateroom. I know some will say…. switch your room or cancel. But really….. I have a cruise booked in April 2014 with extened family. Even if I COULD switch cabins (which are very limited at this point and cannot accomodate all the staterooms we would need), there would be an additional cost to do so. It just doesn’t seem right to me…..

  20. Emily

    Well, I am BEYOND ECSTATIC. I’ll say it. And I will say it again 🙂 We’ve not had a huge problem with smokers on our cruises until our most recent one this past March on the Fantasy. We had a glorious huge Cat 5E aft balcony and there were smokers all around us. The real problem were our next door neighbors who were chain smokers. I went out to exercise on the verandah early in the AM, and the husband came out, smoked two in a row, went into the room, his wife came out, smoked, went in and he came back out to smoke! I tried later in the AM, didn’t work. It’s terrible to inhale smoke while doing cardio, and I realize I was not in the gym, so I guess that was my bad. We like to eat breakfast out there too; nope. Smoke killed those plans. I am not eating while inhaling smoke – they’ve outlawed smoking in restaurants with good reason. And, to top it off, you have to close the verandah door or the smoke drifts into the stateroom! The wind does NOT blow it away as some would say, as we were on an Eastern with three sea days. On our last sea day, it rained, and our daughter took a nap, so we went out to hang out on the verandah under our overhang. We quickly went in, as the smokers had the same idea. Even on Castaway Cay day, I decided to exercise at 3pm on the verandah, as I thought surely they would be enjoying the island; oh no, they came out to smoke and they were never together; always one at a time thus prolonging the smoking. It was well within their right to smoke. On the days we sailed out of port, there were a ton of people puffing away! I was certainly sad that we paid to enjoy this huge aft verandah and were pretty much unable to use it, but understood they were allowed smoke on theirs; c’est la vie. Speaking personally, I couldn’t be happier with this change, especially since we are verandah cruisers only! Thanks DCL and I plan on sending you a thank you email!!!

  21. LeoM

    Wow this seems backwards. I never had a problem with smokers on other balconies – but have been forced to use the port side decks rather than walk through ‘smoker central’. I can’t imagine (and REALLY don’t want to experience) what the open decks will be like after all the smokers in a 2700 (or 4000) passenger vessel are forced topside.

  22. SAM

    Smokers should be restricted to certain areas EVERYWHERE, not just cruise ships. Ideally the inconvenice of it all will eventually bring them to their senses.

    1. Rinaldo

      As a non smoker i like to opt: Why not restrict non-smokers ?
      (And please don’t start with the lung cancer issue)

    2. Chris

      bring them to their senses? Do you understand the definition of communism? Look It up… your “overeating” is next!

  23. JimGa

    The below statement DCL had in its letter they sent to current and past cruisers sums it up perfectly. see below

    “From time to time, we make adjustments to our operation based on Guest feedback and are making a change to our smoking policy.”

    The change was based on Guest Feedback

    1. Rinaldo

      So when smokers give enough feedback that they want to smoke again, Disney will change it back ?
      Or let’s say, for example: (hypothetical)
      All Disney ships where always non-smoking.
      When enough smokers gave feedback that they want to smoke a cigaret on the verandah, would Disney also made this change ?
      If so, how would you feel, when you reserved a expensive cabin with verandah, just to find out you have a “smoker” next to you.

      Also, at the designated smokers area’s, i can already see the “non-smokers” faces when they must walk by to get on the other side of the ship.
      Big clouds coming from that space, because all smokers are packed at the pool. Tip: Hold your breath !
      And oh, i can already hear those fake coughs, they surely will make.
      And what with the non-smokers sitting in that area, taking up the spaces and seats that is reserved now, for the smokers ?
      Must they walk the plank ?

      Make starboard side the smoking area and port side the non smoking side.
      Everyone happy and no smoke coming from the first cabins verandah into the last one…

    1. LeoM

      Except that the policy isn’t ‘Disney cruises are now non-smoking’. For some insane reason the new policy is ‘Smokers on Disney ships can only do so in the public areas.’ I cannot think of a policy more likely to annoy smokers and non-smokers alike.

  24. mtob

    This policy honestly will not hold up to its meaning. People who smoke will smoke on their well well paid for verandahs whether their neighbors agree to it or not, by the time a complaint is made the person will be inside relaxing(let’s be honest). It is no different than speeding when you know what the limit is and seeing a police officer and slowing down. I am not a smoker, but in regards to the lung cancer B.S…I want to ask all of you what time of car you are driving and what is your carbon footprint? We as Americans are always quick to point fingers because we don’t want the blame(most won’t get this post due to this reason). Alas, this will not solve the smoking problem on board that people seem to be dealing with, but on my upcoming cruise I’ll be sure to put in customer feedback about the people who are taking prescription medications (who HONESTLY have not read the side effects and have no clue what the long term effects are..because NONE of us do!) and the morbidly obese family who gave me heart palpitations by stuffing their face with fried and unhealthy crap. Happy cruising Disney fans! 🙂

    I hate to be so sarcastic, but honestly it’s hard not to be. We are such a gullible society when it comes to things that harm us! Haha

      1. HOL

        Well dug im smoking now and will still be on the cruz, your the one who has to go around me and many others to avoid it. so i figure YOU LOSE!!!!!! haha

  25. Gary

    Whats next fat people and tattoos, I have booked a Disney cruise in September , if this ban was coming into effect by then well I just would cancel it but lucky enough it’s not, what I would like to say is that on ship there is areas for smokers but non smokers still go there and moan, so if you don’t smoke then you should be banned from smokers area like outside bars etc

    1. LeoM

      Even as a non-smoker I agree the way they implemented this policy is ridiculous
      1) They should have made it effective on cruises that sail starting January 1st 2015. That way no one with existing reservations are affected.
      2) A policy that smokers can only smoke in public areas but not private ones is absurd. I doubt two cruises will go by before Disney is forced to notice that all the smokers on a 4000 passenger vessel and the pool most popular for kids 5-18 don’t exactly mix well.

      1. Marilyn

        I booked a cruise last April, taking my 2 grandchildren in January 2014. I booked a suite, checked the smoking policy, I cannot leave the kids in order to go to…where ever and cannot take them with me. I figured I could however Have a cigarette on the balcony after they went to bed. My husband already ordered the cigar gift pack, which seems odd that they even sell them if you cannot enjoy them.

  26. Chris

    That’s really too bad. I enjoy smoking my pipe once in awhile and that’s a large part of why we choose a verandah. There’s nothing like settling in and enjoying a pipe full before heading out and about.

    Now I’m relegated to smoke with the cigarette smokers in the designated smoking areas… well that takes a bit of the ‘magic’ away – not to mention it’s near impossible to light a pipe in the open areas.

    We will not cancel our current trip but are reconsidering the verandah. And yes, it may change future cruises… we’ll see.

  27. Sally

    As a non-smoker living with a smoker I must say that it is their own fault for this ban. I would have thought that all smokers were being courteous & not smoking on the verandah while others were on theirs (my husband does). Smokers must unite & fight this ban! Why not ban perfume? Many people are sensitive to the smell. How about nuts or fruit or flowers or cleaning supplies? If we keep allowing bans then before too long everything will be banned. Sounds crazy right? Just wait. There is always something to complain about. Stand up people, this is America.

    If we were to take another Disney cruise in the future (probably not) I think I would fork up the $250 upfront. Nobody even mentioned that as an option. Clean the rugs & textiles yeah right. They would just spray them with Lysol & call it a day. It is just another way for the mouse to pick your pocket. I would hope that Disney at least closes the cigar shop. Oh wait, they make a sizable income off those cigars. Disney will turn the other cheek.

    Who cares about the dress code. It is vacation.

    1. Susan

      There’s a thought…bring a can of Lysol and Febreeze onboard! Really, hubby only wants to enjoy his 1 cigar, on his 1 vacation a year (if we’re lucky) on the verandah that we had to pay extra for.

  28. Tracy

    Royal Caribbean has now implemented the same policy as Disney effective on cruises that sail on or after January 1, 2014. Royal Caribbean did give people enough notice to cancel without penalty unlike Disney. I have only sailed on Royal Caribbean, every year for the past ten years only in balcony staterooms so I could have an occasional smoke. I already have my next cruise booked, the notice as made me consider quitting my habit before I go. Easier said than done, I have tried many times. Just venting, cancel or quit?

        1. PMJ

          What is it with you insisting at all smokers gamble and/or like to spend time in a casino? And why do you seem to think that all smokers are a certain way or fall into a specific stereotype? Do you not realize how judgmental, bigoted, pompous and downright ignorant you sound? I have read every single one of the comments on this page and am astounded that no one else has called you out on your atrocious, closeminded, troll-like comments.
          It must be really tiring to spend so much time and energy worrying about the habits of other people and trying to fit everyone ino neat little pre-judged boxes.

  29. Sara

    I’m a smoker sometimes and I understand the right of everybody. If I wanna smoke i will, screw u. If I don’t wanna be around it, go away, screw u. I get it. maybe they could make one half of the boat for smoking freely on the veranda and the other half for ppl who would prefer not to be around it. Hotels do it. Its nice they didn’t completely get rid of areas to smoke so my fiance can still enjoy, it could be worse. It seems like a game to me, one group against another, its shouldn’t be about that, its about coming to a middle ground everyone can agree on even though no one walks away 100% happy. It just sounds to me like Disney was tired of listening to nagging parents, honestly with nothing better to do, and gave them just enough to be quiet 🙂 I also believe the extra security is protection for the smokers, cause when a smoker does smoke on the veranda and gets caught (cause it will happen) it could get ugly with guests. Hopefully no one took what I said to seriously and felt personally attacked, I never mean’t it like that, but everyone does deserve the option to smoke if they want and everyone deserves the right not to be around it. They probably should have chose a better option though, but i’m sure everyone will agree it is so hard to make ppl happy who are all worked up about what they want and their opinion. Hopefully things will work out without the giant war I see brewing. Shame really, Its a vacation. 🙂

  30. JP

    Thank you so much Disney. For the smokers who are upset about this new policy, can you take a step back for just a second and think about this…What if you or your child or someone you care about has asthma or is on oxygen or gets a sinus infection or a bad headache or soar throat from even a faint smell of cigarettes? You would not want people to smoke around you if you had 1 or more of these symptoms. You might not like that you can no longer smoke on your veranda but people who have asthma and other problems related to cigarette smoke might also want to enjoy their veranda. As soon as someone lights up, now that person HAS to go inside so they do not get sick. Smoking is nothing more than a bad habit, an addiction, and an adult pacifier. You can still smoke on the ship, but Disney has recognized that there are people who cannot enjoy certain areas because they will get sick from the smoke so they are putting the designated smoking areas in places that are away from people who choose not to inhale it. If I got some kind of pleasure from spraying skunk smell everywhere I bet you would not like to smell that on your veranda whether it made you sick or not. I see some people have canceled their cruise because they can’t smoke on their veranda. Really? So you don’t like the fact that YOU now have to go out of YOUR way to find the smoking area so you can smoke? I never like to have to go out of my way to find clean air so now maybe you understand how the non-smokers have felt.

    I just got back from a cruise on Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. Although I think this ships entertainment and food and overall experience was amazing, there were many places on this ship that myself and my Mom could not go because we both either have asthma or get sinus infections and headaches from secondhand smoke. Smoking was allowed in a bar called Boleros which is on the promenade. This entire floor of the ship always stunk of cigarettes and it even infiltrated the forward elevators so we always had to go out of our way to avoid this floor and these elevators. The promenade had places to get food, lots of shopping, guest services, and the place to book excursions was on this floor so unfortunately we could not enjoy any of these things. When we had to go there to book an excursion I ended up with a bad headache and my Mom became asthmatic. There was also a time when we were eating breakfast and someone from a balcony over us (who was not allowed to smoke in their balcony in this area) was smoking and their ashes ended up landing in my food. Smokers wonder why people who don’t smoke don’t like them…they always say they are considerate and blah blah blah but I have yet to meet a smoker who has thought about the people around them. I want to enjoy my vacation too without getting sick. I want to thank Disney again for allowing the opportunity.

    1. Dug

      You will love RCI now because of the new smoking policy as of 01-01-14. SMOKERS LOST! No more smoking on the balconies,or any indoor public place except for designated smoking area in casino! Designated smoking area on starboard side. Yes, you are 100% right. Smokers are inconsiderate, disrespectful, disgusting and have a nasty stinking addiction!! For sure, one day the entire ship will be smoke free because the smokers will be bye, bye!!

  31. Catherine

    NOT happy about this. I am not a heavy smoker and I am a tidy/careful smoker, and would really appreciate a quiet cigarette on the balcony after the kids go to sleep. Too bad I found out about this AFTER we booked our cruise…would have picked a different cruise line.

  32. Francine Nadeau

    We reserved a cruise on July and we take a room with balcony. The only reason why we take a room with balcony is because I want to smoke on it because I cannot smoke in the room and now you tell that we cannot smoke on the balcony. We paid higher price to have it. Will you give us the difference of the price if I cannot smoke? I dont think so. So, it is the first and the last time for us.

  33. Francine Nadeau

    I am a smoker and I reserved a cruise on July 25. When I reserved, I took a room with balcony because I was suppose to be OK on the balcony to smoke. Now, I just learn that this is forbidden on the balcony. We paid an higher price for the balcony only because I was suppose to be OK to smoke on it. I am very disappoint to learn that.

  34. cat

    I’m cruising next week on a trip that was booked for us last year with a veranda so we could smoke….shocker its now a no no. A tad annoyed cause yes coffee and a smoke in the morning is epic…coming back in at night and sitting in PJs and having a smoke before bed is nice. But now a whopping two smoking areas…I’ll be getting my 10000 steps in no problem. Plus side….I meet the best people in the smoking sections 🙂 maybe I’ll make sure to only wear half marathon shirts while a smoke…I’ll give the non smoker people something to think about. And isnt this suppose to be like Vegas???
    You should be spending time out and about not sitting in your tiny room?

  35. LeoM

    I just returned from a pair of back to back 3/4 day cruises on the Dream and was pleasantly surprised to find that the change had not been as bad as feared. I had forgotten that the Dream and Fantasy have truly vast expanses of (mostly unused) deck space on Deck 13 forward – designating a smoking section to the port side of that area allowed ample room for smokers and non-smokers alike.

    I still worry about our upcoming Magic/Wonder cruises – particularly the one in Greece given that smokers seemed to outnumber non-smokers on last years European cruise. And I still think it was absurd for Disney to change the rules for cruises that people had already booked – particularly since the announcement came at a time when they could have easily said ‘from 2015 forward’. But we’ll see.

  36. Dug

    Why would a non smoker go in a area that you stinking, nasty and inconsiderate people are sucking and puffing on your disgusting addiction?!!

  37. Heather

    Dug you really need to calm down with your post. I can’t believe that you are constantly talking down to smokers. What if you are a fat person…. and someone says to you that you are “stinking, nasty and inconsiderate because you are taking up too much space”. I don’t think you would feel too good about it. Lay off the commenting, please.

    PS – I’m not a smoker.

  38. Dug

    Just returned from a 7 day cruise. No more “stinking, nasty, inconsiderate and disgusting smokers. Think you cruise lines for this smoking policy change!! I’m not a fat person because that is disgusting and ugly too!! How about that!!

      1. Liz

        Dug,I can tell you are sad person. Probably very lonely bc like most bullies you have low self esteem and are a complete loser if your real life. I’m sure using your keyboard to belittle people makes you feel like a big, tough man. However, in reality you are not. Have a nice life and I feel very sorry for you.

          1. Dug

            Really, I’m a happy person but feel sad for you smokers because you must have a low self esteem and a complete loss of life. Smoking makes you feel like a tough person and you think you can bully people around. Have a nice day and I feel sorry for you that you have to smoke to be happy. Smoking is not cool anymore and maybe you will become more educated and quit the smoking addiction.

  39. susan

    I am so glad disney implemented this change- on my disney cruise i could not enjoy my verandah- I have angina a heart problem- smokers are disgusting- go on another cruise- not mine thank you disney- now when i cruise again i will be able to sit on my verandah and not worry about severe pain in my chest- i wish smokers would get angina- they would stop really fast

  40. Bonnie

    Seems to me a better solution would be, top floors with verandas for smokers, ( smoke goes up) at a higher price. designated smoking sections on certain outdoor decks. When you book the cruise you have the option. Everbody is happy. If you dont want to be around smokers, you dont have to.

    1. Dug

      Non-smokers finally won on the smoking issue. Non smokers don’t have to be around smokers. I pray that one day the whole ship will be non- smoking! Smokers have the option to quit smoking and live a healthy life or not. It’s your choice.

    1. Dug

      Add Carnival to your list too. Cruise lines are working on being tobacco free. No more sucking and puffing! People are being more educated on tobacco and it’s not cool anymore! Even your lungs will agree. Go to the far east, like China.

  41. peckinpahhombre

    I have never smoked a cigarette but I do like the odd cigar, especially while on vacation. I booked a veranda suite for our upcoming European cruise before they made this smoking policy change because I like to relax in the evening with a drink and cigar on my balcony. To be honest, I see this as just a way to gouge more money from customers. If I get caught, I will pay the $250. However, if they accuse me of smoking I plan to tell them to “prove it”. What, are they going to put video cameras on every balcony just to monitor whether people are smoking? I think that’s really the only way to prove it – beyond that, it is my word against my neighbours word, and I expect that my Platinum Castaway Club designation means that I win that battle. And if not, $250 is annoying, but on a $12,000 cruise it’s really a drop in the bucket.

    1. susan

      This comment is typical of a rude smoker and why I am glad the world is turning against these pigs. People have heart issues you moron. Think of someone else but your ugly stinky self. And by the way, every verandah has a camera.

      1. Tracy

        Hey Susan, Whose the PIG and MORON? YOU ARE! Anyone that would speak to people the way you do must have no education and live in the back woods hidden from society. You are one of those people we need less of in this world. You’re family must be so PROUD of raising such a GEM, and yes, I mean that sarcastically. Just to add, I’m not a smoker, and NO THERE IS NOT CAMERAS ON EVERY BALCONY. Have a miserable life, or just keep kidding yourself you’re happy.

        1. susan

          People have health issues asshole. That’s why Disney made this rule. To smoke just because you want to is ignorant just like smokers.. once all the smokers exterminate themselves I will have a great day for once. You might as well smoke you are just as narcissistic as they are. By the way I am a medical student and I can’t wait for doctors to be able to refuse care to these narcissistic homicidal lunatics who come to doctors after killing other people. Go do away with yourself and please don’t breed. If you already have please give your offspring away

          1. Tracy

            Your comments in your reply only confirm what I said before. Medical student and the only word you could come up with is “breed”? Well, I’m sure you will fail at that too, just like everything else in your miserable, hateful life. : )

    2. Dug

      You better not be my neighbor if your smoking! Have you ever stepped off the ship to puff and suck on your cancer sticks!?
      Maybe, this will be your first time! HA HA!!

        1. Tracy

          When you receive the e-mail notification,at the bottom it says, “unsubscribe”, click on it and will take you off the list.

  42. peckinpahhombre

    Hey Dug, you talk a big game on a forum. Trust me, I ain’t worried about you little man. And Susan, you are on a diesel ship burning hundreds of litres of hydrocarbons a minute. The smoke from my cigar is the least of your worries.

      1. Dug

        Stay focus on the subject of “Disney Cruise Line Updates Smoking Policy Prohibiting Smoking on Stateroom Verandahs”, not other issues!

          1. Dug

            Now, the subject is the school bus!? What is their smoking policy? The right side is smoking and the left side no smoking! To be considerate to your non smoking passengers, have the windows open .! Holland America and Norwegian agree.

  43. Rinaldo

    As this discussion is going the wrong way in words used by some “characters” it’s useless to proceed following it.
    Disneycruiseblog should already close this discussion for this,… come to think of it, maybe they’ve even joined this discussion hahahaha.
    See you all later !

  44. Leo McLaughlin

    In past posts I’ve described my reactions to this new policy and my experiences on the Fantasy and Dream where ample deck space allows for generous smoking and non-smoking areas in the public areas. Basically, for a non-smoker the new policy works well.

    However, last month I sailed on one of the Magic’s Greek cruises. And the adult only area on Deck 9 – the area around the adult pool – was basically a no-go zone for a non-smoker. I’m not complaining about the smokers forced to be here – I think the new policy is foolish. But the Magic’s adult area was much worse than it was last year in the Mediterranean.

    But any non-smokers considering a cruise on the Magic or Wonder need to keep this in mind.

  45. Ricky Kopp

    I think a compromise would have been possible. If I’m up and awake, I have no problem going to the designated area. But I think it should be ok between 11 at night and 7 am to smoke on balcony. Most people, especially kids are asleep then, and it would allow you to have a nightcap and smoke before bed, and coffee and a smoke if you got up early.

  46. Dug hater

    Have you people stopped for a second and listened to what you are saying, speaking of rude and ignorant. WOW, I can’t believe that disney is allowing this kind of pap on anything disney related. I am thouroghly disgusted by this whole topic. For the record, the smokers sound like the only ones being respectful of others in this situation. It was called an addiction previously and it is. Instead of hopping on the high horse and riding over everyone else you should educate yourselves on addiction and what it takes for some to make the choice to quit. I think you trolls have just ruined my upcoming vacation. Thanks.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Dug, First, this website is not affiliated with Disney. As for the discussion, I have edited the language on some comments, and not approved some of the completely vulgar.

  47. chris

    Disney you want to go healthy? Start feeding your passengers all fruits and salads! ONLY! NOT FATTY FOODS And stop selling alcohol !!!!!! That’s not healthy! Don’t be a hypocrite and target the SMOKERS! YOU WANT TO START SOMETHING FINISH IT DON’T GO HALF WAY!!!! !

  48. HOL

    I totally agree chris, Dug you need to get a life and maybe have a cigarette and relax.Im glad my health is so important to you Dug, But i am a very happy and HEALTHY person and wish I could see you, because you sound like you have some anger issues you need to take care of!!! Hope you get that looked at soon!!! SMOKE ON DUGGY!!!

  49. Chuck

    After reading all these comments did anyone notice how the non smokers were so rude, obnoxious and inconsiderate, and they say the smokers are all those things.
    One thing got me when I looked up the smoking policy for Disney and saw you could smoke from 6:00am to 6pm. Seriously? Now they even designate the time you can smoke.
    Can’t be serious.

    1. Leo McLaughlin

      If you look through all the comments above (not that I’d really recommend it) you’ll find both the considerate and not so considerate on both sides of the issue. Certainly I thought it unconscionable that Disney made this change ‘retroactively’ – that is to say after accepting the deposits of people who had chosen verandah rooms ‘knowing’ they would be free to smoke in them.

      That said, the current rules seem to work reasonably well on the Dream and Fantasy. Both have more than ample deck space to accommodate smokers and non-smokers alike and both sail in mild climates. I don’t know how the Caribbean sailings of the Magic and Wonder have gone because I haven’t sailed on them since the new rules came into effect.

      But last summer’s Mediterranean sailings of the Magic were not so successful – there were many Europeans sailing and the adult section of deck 9 was a no-go area for anyone adverse to cigarette smoke. It will be interesting to see how this summers Copenhagen to Dover cruise will go – it sold out almost immediately so I’m guessing that the passengers will mainly be UK residents and Frozen seeking US princesses (and their families).

  50. Terry

    I guess I’ll jump in here for my 2 cents. I deplore cigarette smoke but I do enjoy a cigar. It’s been awhile since I cruised but I do remember cigar lounges on Royal Caribbean. I am a very considerate smoker, I respect other people’s wishes. I understand I have a nasty habit but I enjoy it nonetheless, I also enjoy medium rare steaks and no, I’m not giving that up. I see Disney as a “family” cruise line and I understand parents not wanting my Padron 1926 #9 wafting past their delicate noses. Unlike some others my habit is not one I need to feed everyday or after meals, or morning coffee. That being said they offer an area on board so what’s the big deal? Personally I enjoy my cigar outside at night anyway. In the Navy it was never a problem, maybe now it is???? I don’t know been awhile since I was there too.

  51. KAC

    I am a smoker and I do worry about my smoke bothering others, with that being said, I did purchase a e-cigarette/vapor to be considerate of others around me. I have never been on a cruise and looking forward to it. But don’t judge me because of a nasty habit I have, I’m fully aware and educated on how bad cigarettes can be. I also am aware if there wasn’t cigarettes and alcohol what possibly would doctors be able to blame all the health conditions on. I will agree that actual cigarettes should be smoked in certain areas, but completely disagree that e-cigarettes be treated the same..for non-smokers..no disrespect but you are not perfect, I’m sure anyone could find a flaw that you have, being either you smell, overweight, chew with your mouth open, put your elbows on the table, nasty teeth or burp at a table..which is something I don’t want to see, hear or smell myself..be careful when disrespecting someone who smokes, they might snip back at a flaw that you have yourself…

  52. Mal

    It boils down to this. It is a Disney ship that is aimed at fun for kids and should be fun and healthy for kids and their parents. Smokers should look at other party themed cruise lines or go to Las Vegas. Leave one ship smoke free for the kids.

  53. Jerry

    Well said KAC!… Mal I am sure you have many ugly habits as well as your kids. Discriminating is good for no one! Even smokers… ! No one is asking to smoke in the open around kids. These businesses need to accomodate which they will!

  54. Cheryl lewis

    Amen. They always want to punish the ones that smoke. I’m fine with designated smoking areas but when they stop them all together like Disney World. Will never go again. For that reason thank you for your review. For all smokers

  55. James Greene

    As is done in some airports: Have a few (2-4) interior lounge areas (with ambiance and a bar in at least one) and POSITIVE VENTILATION to exhaust cigarette, cigar, & pipe smoke OVERBOARD.


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