Catch Stitch! Sweepstakes is Now Underway

The Catch Stitch! summer sweepstakes presented by Disney Cruise Line opened up for play today at noon. After entering my email address, I was prompted to enter my date of birth, phone number in case of winning, and zip code. Additionally, you are asked to agree to the terms and conditions, and are given an option to opt into mailings from The Walt Disney Company.

Catch Stitch - Stitch Radio
Catch Stitch - Registration

This new online game begins in the Situation Room with an introduction video setting the story; Experiment 626 has escaped from the Oceaneer Lab and the Captain (sorry folks, Captain Tom did not make a cameo) is calling for all hands on deck. Just as you are about to hear more, Stitch hacks the video feed and says “Hi silly head” (which sounds much closer to a…. well, how do I say this… “poopy” head — replace the word in quotes with the s version). Stitch proceeds to show us his pictures from the aptly named “Stitch’s Cruise” and bets us that we will not be able to find him.  UPDATE: The YouTube verson below has been revised and it is clear Stitch is saying “silly head”, but the original version remains on the sweepstakes site.

Catch Stitch - Stich's Cruise

Following the introduction, your investigation continues into the 626 case file where you are provided with the latest intelligence on Stitch’s next potential target on the [Disney_Fantasy]. Based on the intelligence you are given three potential targets with six days to track Stitch down. In my case, it was based around the 3 main Broadway stage shows, while my wife was investigating up on the pool deck. Once you select a target to investigate, the game ends for the day. Each day you return to your investigation, you will earn one additional sweepstakes entry.

Catch Stitch - Investigation Complete

My first impression of the game was that the game looks great & whoever designed the overall look of the website did a great job; but there is not really much to keep you engaged (especially when you compare it with last year’s Magical Cruise and Adventure Sweepstakes). There is a link to DCL’s website, a video showcasing the Disney Difference, and Learn More button (albeit inactive) which launches a short promotional video. The site features a decent background music track, which you can mute during your visit if desired. So far, the only reason to stick around after your daily investigation is for Stitch Radio. However, you will need to navigate back to the game’s homepage, then click on the Stitch Radio graphic at the bottom to hear various taunts by Stitch. The website does have the hook to get players to return each day to earn additional sweepstakes entries, which ultimately is more valuable for long term exposure to Disney Cruise Line.

Catch Stitch - Stitch Radio

If it was not for Stitch Radio, I would not know that Stitch called me a silly head during the Captain’s introduction transmission. I will be heading back to tomorrow to resume my search for Experiment 626, as well as my quest to win a Disney Cruise Line vacation, but I’m concerned the novelty will soon wear off.

UPDATE: Day 3 – Following a successful stakeout which Stitch barely escaped, I was presented with three video clues.

Catch Stitch - Video Clues

Update | I tracked down Stitch and received my certificate.  I have been recognized by the Stitch Detective Agency by the authority of Disney Cruise Line as a Special Agent for my investigative expertise in the apprehension of Experiment 626 (Stitch)!

Catch Stitch Badge Certificate

UPDATE | It appears that once you Catch Stitch you can no longer earn sweepstakes entries.  This is the second day I’ve log on to the website and I am presented with certificate page with 9 total entries.

What is your first impression of Catch Stitch!?

5 Replies to “Catch Stitch! Sweepstakes is Now Underway”

      1. Abby

        No I didn’t but since you could only catch stick once it sucked because you can only earn a certain amount of entries. And like me others may not have been to lucky at guessing where stich was going to stike next.

  1. Aracely

    i agreed with you. It wasn’t very enticing, but I did go back until I caught him and got my 9 entries. I loved last years boardgame version! I had my heart set on winning the cruise since I had won so much on the game.
    Can you please tell me what is the name of the background music on this Stitch game? It was also on last years board game version and I would love it as my ring tone! 🙂

    1. daniel mcmahon

      Stitch’s my favorite character at of time. I like going to the Disney world to see stitch’s great escape. Seeing stitch on the cruise world be protect.


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