Mickey Bars Make the Best Ice Cream Sandwiches

Did you know you can get one of Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar aboard a Disney Cruise ship?  It’s true, and the best part about it is they are FREE!!  Ok, I know, they are not “free”, but they are included in the cruise fare.  The Mickey Bars served on the ships are identical to those that are sold in the parks for $3.50.  Mickey Bars are a regular option on the children’s menus, and are also available from room service!  Before you ask – yes, adults can order these for dessert.

Parrot Cay - Dessert - Premium Mickey Bar!

Now, what I’m about to show you  goes into the category of why didn’t I think of this? Keith Lapinig, who recently sailed on the [Disney_Dream], released part one of his video trip report on his YouTube Channel.  The video is 12 minutes long, but it is queued up to the 10 min 39 second mark to show you one of the best ideas ever.

Having almost unlimited access to Mickey Bars is a wonderful perk of sailing on a Disney ship, and I cannot believe I’ve never thought to order a Mickey Bar and two chocolate chip cookies to make Mickey’s Premium Chocholate Chip Ice Cream Bar Sandwich.  I know what I am going to be ordering on my next sea day.

UPDATE – October 2013: Finally tried it myself – It was great!

Mickey Bar Ice Cream Sandwich

4 Replies to “Mickey Bars Make the Best Ice Cream Sandwiches”

  1. Monica

    After a long wait in Miami to embark on our cruise, the first thing we did when we got our stateroom was to order 4 Mickey Ice Cream bars. It was such a treat! The chocolate covering is rich and dark and the kids love them – even the big kids!

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  3. stompgal87

    What a great way to improvise. I did something similar with chocolate chip cookies and a Magnum (similar to Mickey bars but a bit bigger and oval-shaped) and it turned out pretty well if it was a bit messy.


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