Disney Wonder Rescues Group Near Key West

The [Disney_Wonder] spotted a makeshift vessel approximately 45 miles from Key West, Florida on Friday April 12, 2013.

Disney Wonder Rescue April 2013 - Raft

The eight Cuban refugees were waving an American flag as the Wonder approached the boat.  The group of men boarded the Disney Wonder and provided food, water and medical attention.

Disney Wonder Rescue April 2013 - Boarding

The group was later transferred to the US Coast Guard, and the Wonder returned to Miami Saturday morning.

Disney Wonder Rescue April 2013 - US Coast Guard Arrival

Disney Wonder Rescue April 2013 - US Coast Guard 619

Boarding was delayed this morning, but she is still scheduled to depart this evening on a 5-Night Western Caribbean cruise with stops at Cozumel, and Castaway Cay .

Thank you Rich and Diane from Sebring, Florida, and George Dayao for sharing your photos and videos.

6 Replies to “Disney Wonder Rescues Group Near Key West”

  1. Jon

    Boarding is delayed on the Wonder today 4/13. Not sure if it has to do with the people they picked up off the Key West. 12:30 and still not boarding

    1. Amy

      My husband was one of the Coast Guardsmen on the small boat that transported the migrants. It would be really great to see the images you took.

  2. rich

    Indeed, we also viewed the entire proceedings from Deck 4. The folks on the homebuilt raft were waving an American Flag all the way to The Wonder’s steps.

  3. Monica

    We boarded the Wonder on 4/13, with a delay due to the above-mentioned refugee situation. On our 2nd day at sea, we also spotted a floating barge of Cuban immigrants. The Wonder stopped and waited for the Coast Guard to arrive. The raft contained 5 immigrants who boarded the Wonder and stayed with us for a couple of hours until the Coast Guard arrived.


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