Disney Cruise Line Names Anthony Connelly Senior Vice President of Operations

On Friday, Anthony Connelly was named Senior Vice President of Operations for Disney Cruise Line filling the shoes of Tom Wolber, who became the senior vice president for Disney Sports Enterprises and Downtown Disney earlier this year.  On May 12, 2013, Connelly will assume the responsibility for the fleet-wide shipboard operations which include, onboard entertainment, youth activities, marine and technical operations, purchasing, logistics and shoreside travel operations as well as, operations at Disney’s private island Castaway Cay.

Anthony Connelly - DCL SeniorVP OperationsConnelly will report to Disney Cruise Line President, Karl Holz who is “thrilled” to have him join the Disney Cruise Line team.  According to Holz, “Anthony’s strategic thinking and leadership skills, business and financial acumen, and his passion for Disney will position him for success in this role.”

Connelly began his Disney career almost 25 years ago in 1989, and advanced through various key leadership positions throughout the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Finance organization.  He has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Disney’s U.S. Parks and Resorts businesses since 2006.

Connelly is actively involved in the state and local community, serving on the Board of Directors for the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Florida, University of Central Florida Foundation, and Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida. Anthony was also a member of Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Economic Development Transition Team as well as a member of Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater’s Transition Team. He has a master’s of business administration from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is also a Certified Public Accountant.

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  1. dave

    I was recently on the disney dream..reservation number :######### [redacted] and after paying an extra 25$ per person to get into the fancy restaurant (which is dress clothes only!) I had our waitress spill red wine all over my entire outfit..after contacting the cruiseline several times, I still cannot seem to get any where this trip for our family of ten cost $35,000 and as a returned gesture I get my custom fitted outfit completely ruined..not only by the wine but even more so when they finally agreed to dry clean them on the cruise they burnt them by putting them in the dryer when the tag clearly says not too….hopefully the president mr.holz cares more about this cruiseline then his employees..signed Dave Langille

  2. Brian D

    Cant believe what Disney Cruise line has put us through in booking an April Cruise for 3 nights and a 4 night stay at Contemporary, after cruise. The so called supervisors (Justine and Deane) were rude, obstinate, and not worthy of working for Disney. We cannot understand how neither one possesses a boss. They are it ! according to them. They claim they were unable to solve 2 problems they caused. We are a family of 5, we booked 2 connecting cabins on the cruise and then booked a room that sleeps 5 at the contemporary. After making our final payment they then indicated that 1/2 our family cannot stay at the Contemporary. Because of this, our travel insurance only covers the cruise and 2 of our family for the remainder of trip. They also failed to start the insurance on the day of flight. The insurance company claimed that only Disney can correct this, according to the insurance company its not a big deal to correct these problems. However Disney, namely Justine and Deane said ” sorry. No can do”. and proceeded to hang up on us. Instead of looking forward to a Disney vacation, these 2 winners have taken out all the Magic of Disney. At this point we don’t feel comfortable even booking an excursion through this company. So, Anthony if you read this and we hope you do, please understand that this was the only way to make contact with anyone besides your Boss less supervisors.

  3. Sue Rodeghier

    Would Disney ever venture into selling customized cruise t-shirts for special cruises that families or friends are taking together? Our family purchased online 25 t-shirts (with an online t-shirt company) with our special family reunion information on it, so we all could wear them during the cruise. Especially when we all boarded. How great it would have been to be able to have ordered it online through Disney with DISNEY’S official logo on it?
    Just wondering if anyone has ever come to you with this idea?


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