The Magic is in the Details Video Series

A new set of videos, featuring Cruise Director Natalie, has been released showcasing just how the Magic is in the Details when sailing with Disney Cruise Line. Not sure about you, but I find it interesting that these videos were released on a Sunday afternoon. Could these be intended to promote the upcoming 2014 itinerary announcement?

The magic of any Disney Cruise begins the moment you step off the gangway into the atrium lobby and a cast member introduces your family by name. It is a truly magical experience that never gets old; no matter how may times you have sailed with Disney. This is just one of the small details that sets Disney Cruise Line apart from any other vacation experience.

Legendary Service
Explore the magical details behind the legen…wait for it…dary service offered throughout your cruise.

Even without the pageantry, walking into the Atrium lobby for the first time is a memory you will never forget.

It’s All About the Fun
The youth spaces onboard are unmatched by any other cruise line with a never ending list of activities and supervised play areas. I’m bummed that I cannot hangout in some of these areas with our daughter aside from the open houses. 99.9% of the time our daughter does not want to leave the Oceaneers Club/Lab because she is having so much fun.

The teens sailing on the Dream & Fantasy have an amazing venue, Vibe, on the bow of the the ship. I’d trade Satellite Falls any day for their outside area.

Only With Disney
On most nights of your cruise, there will be original Broadway-caliber shows in the Walt Disney Theatre featuring your favorite Disney characters. The best part… admission is included in your cruise fare and there is no need to reserve ticket a ticket in advance. On select sea days, there may even be a matinee showing!

Anyone Hungry?
Unique to Disney Cruise Line, your serving team will follow you to each night to your scheduled rotational dinning restaurant. What does this mean and why is this so special? Each night, your dinner becomes more and more customized. You get to know your servers, and they in turn get to know you better. By the end of the cruise, it will be hard to say goodbye after developing personal relationship with each member of your serving team, especially on the longer sailings.

Attention to Detail
The service you will encounter onboard a Disney Cruise is like nothing you’ve ever experienced (unless you grew up in Buckingham Palace). It is truly uncanny how the cast and crew members are almost always a step ahead and know what you need before you even know you need it. That is really a detail unlike any other.

Full Version

So, did anyone else pick up on the underlying theme of these videos? The value of a Disney Cruise. Sure, a Disney Cruise can certainly be more costly than other lines; but most, if not all things are included in your original fare. Personally, the one fact that is missing in these videos, is that you are essentially in an immersive, floating Disney attraction for anywhere from 2 to 14 nights. It’s like spending the day in Magic Kingdom and getting to spend the night in Cinderella’s Castle. (Ok, that was a stretch.) What one detail do you find the most magical when you sail?

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