Disney Cruise Line No Longer the Only Line with Fireworks at Sea

Now, I do not normally venture off topic and discuss other cruise lines, but today’s announcement by Norwegian Cruise Line in a round about way affects Disney Cruise Line.

Norwegian has announced that it will be lighting up the sky with a captivating fireworks show on every cruise on the their newest ship, Norwegian Breakaway.   The environmentally-friendly pyrotechnics display will be the grand finale of a decadent 1980s-themed deck party and will be set to a specially-selected playlist of classic 1980s hits by artists like Madonna, Devo and Prince.  The show will  dazzle guests on the second to last night at sea each week, after the ship departs Bermuda during her summer inaugural season.

As guests party the night away at the high-energy party under the stars in the open-air Spice H20 venue at the aft of the ship, they will be transported to the 1980s, where music and fun reigned supreme. In a breathtaking finale, a mesmerizing color-filled fireworks show will light up the night sky, right above the ship. The fully-produced show is a visual masterpiece that is set to a playlist of classic 80s hits including “Come on Feel the Noise,” by Quiet Riot; “Whip It,” by Devo; “Cherish,” by Madonna; “Final Countdown,” by Europe; and “Purple Rain,” by Prince.  As the fireworks blast to the beat of the music, guests will enjoy an experience unlike anything else offered at sea on New York’s ship.

“All the incredible entertainment and amenities on Norwegian Breakaway are going to wow our guests,” said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line’s CEO. “We wanted one additional element that would really blow them away and this incredible fireworks show is going to take the cruise to a new level of excitement.”

The Norwegian Breakaway will launch this May in New York City.

So, how will this affect Disney Cruise Line?  Ultimately, this is more of a marketing issue as Disney Cruise Line can no longer mention their  “fireworks display is the only one in the world offered by a cruise line.”  Disney Cruise Line was the first and only cruise line to offer fireworks on cruises fleet-wide.

9 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line No Longer the Only Line with Fireworks at Sea”

  1. Jim

    I am surprised it took other cruise lines this long to introduce fireworks. No worries for DCL other than to change their marketing line as you suggested.

  2. Scott Sanders Post author

    It took so long because DCL needed to get special permission to set off fireworks. I am sure other lines did not want to bother with the red tape or concessions required to do so. The 80’s party is more intriguing to me than the fireworks.

  3. valbob

    I don’t know which will be the most popular, the fireworks or the 80’s theme. DCL’s Pixar themed cruise was popular, we took the LA to SF and back to LA and we live in SF. I hope they do other theme cruises. We are avid platinum DCL cruisers but are very tired of their itineraries. We often just stay on the ship, which is fine. Adding a theme, such as 70’s or 80’s music themes, or even Disney themes, i.e. Pixar,villains, would increase the fun.

  4. Tiffany Schilling

    I want to go to this!!! Purple Rain is my song! Fireworks at sea to it during an 80’s party would be AMAZING!!!!

  5. Ellen

    We are booked on her August 2014 because DCL is headed back to Europe instead of NYC. Really looking forward to sailing on this ship, fireworks or not- she looks amazing!

  6. Karen Buettner Hensley

    After having been on two NCL cruises, I can’t imagine who would be up and awake after the party much less the party. Both were two of the dullest cruises of the 19 we have been on. One night at 11 p.m. my husband and I walked from aft to forward and saw NO ONE. The rest of the cruise was quite similar. More power to them but they may have to fire them off early in the evening.


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