Videos: Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy Versus Hurricane Sandy

Videos from users are beginning to appear online documenting the events onboard the [Disney_Dream] and [Disney_Fantasy] during Hurricane Sandy. Here is a collection of videos compiled mostly from YouTube. I will try to break them out by ship and add more when I find them.

The Life of Hurricane Sandy

This is a time lapse from October 17, 2012 and through the morning of October 30, 2012 showing the life of Hurricane Sandy.  Tropical depression 18, which eventually became Sandy, developed on October 22nd (around the 24 second mark) in the southwestern Caribbean Sea .  (At the start of the video you can see the end of Tropical Storm Rafael.)

Hurricane Sandy versus the Disney Fantasy

Fantasy Route Map Hurricane Sandy October 2012

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Hurricane Sandy versus the Disney Dream

Dream Route Map Hurricane Sandy October 2012

Video from Cocoa Beach as Dream Sails away 10/20/2012.

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12 Replies to “Videos: Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy Versus Hurricane Sandy”

  1. Margret Cuff

    I read in these postings that besides damage to the Fantasy gift shops, it also sustained stabilizer damage. Do you have confirmation on damage to the Fantasy. Any word on the condition of Castaway Cay.? We are sailing in a few days.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      The Dream was originally going to Castaway Cay Tuesday. To give more time to the cleanup effort the Dream will be at Sea on Tuesday and Castaway Cay on Wednesday. I do not have any confirmation of stabilizer damage on the Fantasy.

    2. Kelsey

      There was more damage than just the gift shops, but most of it behind the scenes (in particular the dining rooms and especially the bars, where we heard the crash of bottles and glasses on the floor). I think this was probably taken care of by the big crew that came onto the ship on Saturday morning.

  2. Mia

    My advise… don’t go. Just don’t do it. I was on the Dream last week during the storm. I will never cruise again. Cancel your trip. It was the worst experience of my life.

  3. Judy

    I was on the Fantasy cruise that left the night after the hurricane. We had a fantastic time. The ship was in such good shape I had no idea that so much damage had been done. Yes the Aquaduck is up and running. However, when we went to Castaway Cay only the beaches and the roads were usable. You could bike or swim – oh and eat but nothing else

    1. Pascal

      have been on the same cruise as Judy – we didn’t know either that the ship has been suffering this much from Sandy. The only thing we noticed was a shattered window in Cabanas (which we can’t confirm happened during the “hurricane sailing” – but we guessed). Castaway was also great – given what has happened a couple days before. The only thing like Judy mentioned – pretty much all Port Adventures have been cancelled due to still kinda rough seas.

  4. Rosemary Koziarski

    While celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary w/ 30 of us aboard The Dream the week before Sandy, it was the most marvelous time of our lives w/ the family…little did we know how fortunate we were (Thank you, Jesus).


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