A Relaxing Breakfast at Sea

For the most important meal to the day, why not be treated like Royalty and dine in one of the rotational dinning restaurants on board. Sure, you could order room service the night before, or head up to the buffet, but sometimes it is nice to sit down and be served breakfast.  On a Disney Cruise, this is typically available in Lumiere’s, Triton’s, Royal Palace, and Royal Court.  More or less you can get the same food at the buffets, but the sit down breakfast is usually quieter, less crowded and a great choice on a relaxing sea day, or when not rushing ashore for a Port Adventure.

Lumiere's Breakfast - Ham and Cheese Omlet

The breakfast offerings are à la carte, made to order, and more importantly fresh!  Do not let the term à la carte fool you, there is no extra charge for this breakfast aside from the specialty coffees and drinks.

Breakfast Menu

If possible, ask or look around to see if your serving team is working the dining room.  Sitting in their section will provide you with an opportunity to get to know them better, as they will have more time to chat compared to dinner.

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