A Sneak Peek At Venice Italy Port Adventures

Over on the Disney Parks Blog, Port Adventure Manager, Arnaldo Zononato shared a sneaked peak at some upcoming Port Adventures planned for next summer’s Mediterranean cruises on the [Disney_Magic]

I found it really cool was that Disney is specifically planning Port Activities for the entire family.  In the works is a Port Adventure in Venice that features a built in youth activity.  Kids will have the opportunity to decorate their very own Venetian Mask, while parents are free to shop, sight-see, or just relax.

More than likely, the private after hours tour of Doge’s Palace will be a popular choice amongst families with little princesses.  After the tour, the Disney princesses will host a grand reception.  I know my daughter would love this experience!

If you are looking for a little physical outdoor activity, you can become a Gondolier for a day.

What do you think about these possible Venice, Italy Port Adventures?

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