Disney Fantasy Entertainment Video

Another video in the Did You Know series was released this week, and focuses solely on the entertainment opportunities aboard the [Disney_Fantasy]. The unforgettable stage shows are brought to life in the Walt Disney Theatre with the help almost 150 people, 24 of which are the performing cast members. When the shows are over the kids can head back to their fun-filled clubs while the parents can hit the clubs in the Europa. Europa combines recognizable European landmarks and themes to give you the feeling of traveling through Europe.

Onboard entertainment is not limited to the clubs. The Midship Detective Agency will take you on a tour of the ship while collecting clues from the enchanted artwork to help solve one of three mysteries. The icing on the cake is the spectacular new show, Animation Magic, in Animator’s Palate. Animation Magic lets you draw your own character on a place mat and watch it come alive on-screen.

Are you now inspired to make your own dreams come true?

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